The garden’s growing through a transition ‘tween seasons. Fall crops are mingling amongst the still going strong summer crops. Plants that have been left homeless due to the roof work and home construction still are yet to be planted as we hash out an updated edible landscaping plan.

What a difference a day makes. In one day Angelinos went from not wanting to wear much in terms of clothing to light sweater/flannel weather. After 6 days of sweltering temperatures the cool onshore breeze and fog is a welcome relief.


Loss of Arctic ice leaves experts stunned {Guardian}

The Arctic ice cap has collapsed at an unprecedented rate this summer and levels of sea ice in the region now stand at record lows, scientists have announced.
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Days of cheap food are over, say suppliers as ingredient costs soar {Guardian}

Superstore groups prepare to stomach higher prices because of far east demand and biofuel incentives
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Life on the farm: Exhausting, exhilarating

Weatherly, whose long hair is streaked from the sun, says farming life can be stressful.”Sometimes it’s like, ‘Why did I do this? Whose idea was this?’ ” she says.But at other times, the farm can be its own reward.
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Climate Change Redraws World Maps {Yahoo}

“We can literally see environmental disasters unfolding before our eyes,” said Mick Ashworth, editor-in-chief of the atlas. “We have a real fear that in the near future famous geographical features will disappear forever.”
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Virus may be cause of honeybees’ deaths {Yahoo}

Scientific sleuths have a new suspect for a mysterious affliction that has killed off honeybees by the billions: a virus previously unknown in the United States.
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Experts Warn of “Meltdown” in Poor Country Livestock {Planet Ark}

Farm scientists warned on Monday that hardy breeds of livestock vital for world food supplies were dying out across developing countries, especially in Africa, and called for the creation of regional gene banks to save them.
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On being a retro-progressive {Globe and Mail}

There’s a lot more than homemade cookies, air-dried clothes and free-range children that are making comebacks. Farmers’ markets, car-free days, 100-mile diets and counter-consumer movements have all grown in popularity.Perhaps no trend illustrates the retro-progressive ethos of going to the source more than Britain’s fastest-growing hobby, that of keeping laying hens. Yes, hens – for eggs!
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