Summer meals
Another week’s worth of summer eats. [ “HG” = homegrown / “Suncooked” = cooked inSolar Oven ]


B – buckwheat pancakes with homemade apple butter made with homegrown apples

L – picnic (out with friends)

D – grilled raw cheese sandwich with homegrown heirloom tomatoes


B – homemade granola

L – homemade w.w. tortillas, spanish rice (made with HG peppers, onions, tomatoes and herbs) served with sautéed HG peppers

D – leftovers


B – homemade granola

L – HG lima beans soup topped with raw HG peppers and tomatoes

D – HG green beans with HG cucumber and tomato salad served with HG fig and HG heirloom brucshetta


B- homemade granola

L – HG fig quesadillas with HG cucumber and tomato salad

D – HG fig quesadillas with HG steamed green beans with lemon herb butter (made with HG lemons, lemon thyme and chives)


B – homemade granola

L – HG lima beans with long grain organic rice

D – HG salad (peppers, greens, tomatoes, cucumbers) with pizza topped with HG heirloom tomatoes and HG chives


B – suncooked apple crisp made with HG apples

L – HG veggie salad with HG steamed veggies (swiss chard, beans)

D – HG tomato and raw cheese sandwich with HG tomato and cucumber salad


B – suncooked apple crisp made with HG apples

L – HG fig quesadillas

D – w.w. spaghetti served with homemade sauce made with HG basil, chives, oregano, peppers and tomatoes with HG tomato and cucumber salad

Another Nod – “The Power to Schmooze” award

Wow, two nomiations in one month! Just found out thatCrunchy Chicken nominated PTF as one of five fellow “smoozles”

This award is to “recognize those people that are exceptionally adept at creating relationships with other bloggers by making an effort to be part of a conversation, as opposed to a monologue.”

PTF’s appreciate the recognition. Thanks to all our loyal readers.


Learning to Walk {Anthropik}

Tom Brown, Jr. put it quite starkly: “Our walk is devastating, not natural. Little babies have shoes like cement boots. Our feet are ruined from the first step we take in shoes.” Walking barefoot, most of us naturally adopt a very different step: the knees are bent, rather than locked; the outside ball of the foot touches the ground to test it first, before applying any weight; then, if it’s safe, we roll the rest of the ball in and flatten the heel; only then does the weight come down. This is what Tom Brown and his students called “fox walking.”
…When Moses approached the burning bush, he had to take off his sandals, because it was holy ground. Hindu temples and Muslim mosques alike require the faithful to remove their shoes. We have a basic understanding that we must meet holy ground only with our soles. To an animist, the entire landscape is alive, and the earth is holy ground. The shoe isolates us from the living landscape that sustains us, it cuts us off from the soil we’re rooted in, and inflates our ego to make us think that we are “free,” by which we mean isolated and disconnected. We’re not; we’re just crippled inside our casts.At the same time it is exhilarating to be reminded that our humanity was never so far away at all. We think and feel and live with our whole bodies, not just as disconnected brains; to step in the living soil, to walk with our soles on holy ground, to walk as humans evolved to walk. We’re two-legged creatures built by evolution for walking, and we’ve lost even that. It can be depressing to realize that we don’t even know something that basic; yet, a moment’s reflection should serve to buoy your spirits as you remember how much of your humanity you can reclaim just by learning to walk.
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As a lifelong barefooter, 15 years ago we purchased a couple of Tom Brown’s book and learned a variety of survival skills. One game we used to play was the “Fox Walk”