Summer Happenings


Hey Homesteaders!

I haven’t been blogging much. Sorry!  We are still here,  growing along with the change of seasons.  We’ve been keeping our followers updated with ‘Homestead Happenings’ on our Urban Homestead Podcast.   This week, we uploaded our 67th episode and have nearly 1/2 million downloads in over 70 countries.   With all that has happened over these last 2 years after the sudden death of Jules Dervaes Jr, our family truly appreciates you tuning in! In fact, we are completely surprised and thrilled that so many of you care to tune in to hear what we have to say.   From the feedback we’ve been getting, the human element of telling our story is what keeps you folks tuning in.  Thank you again for listening.

The journey is never easy and these last few years have been on of the most challenging ones but we keep putting one foot in front of the other – some days are just downright overwhelming and others we do catch a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel and for those days we  are grateful.

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