Growing A Revolution

The yard is looking absolutely amazing. One would think after growing a garden every summer for as long as I can remember you’d get used to the lush growth of summer.  

Granted a few things haven’t recovered from the frost – the orange trees don’t look like they’ll be setting any fruit and so will the bananas. Some of the guavas also don’t have much in the way of fruit this year thanks to the deep freeze.   What counts is that the trees survived so far. The eggplant can’t seem to stop growing… they’ve towered over the 5 foot stakes that we had to put up to keep them from falling over. I never seen eggplant plants this big!    The cucumbers are producing more than last years pathetic crop (Justin thinks last years cucumber crop failure had to so something with our seed source)   

The blueberries and blackberries and a few other fruits had to be moved, and moved again and again during the construction didn’t really set any fruit this year so they all have a good excuse.

We now enter a 6 month period where we’ve not put any, not a speck, of organic NPK fertilizers (and going on three years without any horse manure) in the garden. Instead relying on re-mineralizing the soil withrock dust.

Field Hands

Our deep gratitude to field hand, CG, for contributing $300 towardsgrowing the future. We were very humbled and sincerely appreciate your support.

Hi All! I have read your site every day for two years and it brings me joy everyday and learning. Thank you for caring for the earth and the example of stewards that you are. Thanks for sharing your life, and for your teaching, all without asking anything for yourselves in return.

If all goes/grows well, besides a brand spankin’ new site, we’ll be making some a few important announcements in the Fall.

What’s in the works…

– new PTF journal moving to WordPress with extra web features (approximate completion mid to late Oct)

– new PTF website (approximate completion mid to late Oct)

– updating shopping cart software on Peddler’s Wagon (approximate completion date Nov 1)

– sending out updates with ‘Tracks’ newsletter again (perhaps in Fall/Winter)

– adding new products on Peddler’s Wagon to see if will help PW gain more interest and support PTF (by Thanksgiving)- outreach — possible fall events  and more!

We can’t grow alone and thank all those who have step up and offered their hands in support.

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  1. Wildside says:

    Your taking care of things was quick — I hadn’t even logged off yet!

    Gorgeous photos of your lush garden!

  2. Mia says:

    Why no horse manure?

  3. Nathan Strange says:

    Would you guys talk more about the rock dust? I looked at the link, but info from your perspective would be appreciated. It sounds interesting!

  4. dermot says:

    Hey – I’ve still got half a bag of rock dust that the Dust-guy (forget his name) handed out at your place a couple of years ago… I hope I get the chance to use it at some point (no chance when you’re stuck in an apartment)…

  5. Todd Warren says:

    Would appreciate a more in depth explanation of steps you take to maintain soil fertility; what else besides rock dust? Or do you use only compost and rock dust?