Southland Gets Soaked
Three storms wallop the LA area.

The first of three storms arrived Friday night dumping over 5 1/4″ … yes that’s right. 5 1/4″ inches of rain here on the urban homestead fell in a few hours overnight Friday/Saturday morning. One cell must have parked itself right ontop of us. Friday night the rain was coming down in sheets the storm was so intense, we hadn’t had rain like that in ages. And nature wasn’t over yet. The next storm slowly moved late Saturday and giving us about 1″ inch overnight. It’s still raining as I post and another storm expected to bring showers throughout the day today and into tomorrow (Monday) morning. Thankfully everything is “right as rain” here on the urban homestead. We so fortunate that we live on high ground, in the the foothills which weren’t touched by the devastating fires this summer. Some areas are on mudslide watch and experiencing hurricane force winds and flooding and we hope all our so cal readers are weathering out this storm with little or minimal damage.

Final rain tally totals will be posted as soon as the last storm blows through this afternoon/evening. But preliminary totals stand 6 1/4 inches of rain since Friday night. Amazing to think that in three days, the storm’s brought double the amount of rain we received all last year.

I believe I can see the vegs growing before my very eyes. Nothing like a good, soaking rainstorm – it works magic on the garden. What a wonderful blessing.

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  1. jill says:

    So good that you are finally getting rain. Do you have those Austrailian rain-water harvesters set up yet??How much capacity do they have for such a rainfall as this??

  2. Julie says:

    Wow – that’s some rain! Bet you’re glad for that new roof!

    I have a question about something you grow – the trombocino squash. I’d like to give it a try but I’ve only seen it listed in one seed catalogue and I’m not sure it’s the same thing. Territorial Seed Co. has it listed under summer squash – so, presumably somewhat like zucchini. But I seem to recall reading in your posts that your Trombocino is a keeping squash – ie, one that you can use all winter, like pumpkin. Is it the same thing, do you think?

  3. David says:

    Went to the community garden the other day & my plot neighbor Francois` mentioned 4 + inches had deposited on terra firma. While he was mentioning this the little lake between us that formed in the low laying plots & near corner of mine, were beckoning water foul to partake in its shimering watery mass. I’m using any bucket I have to catch any precious H2o for later use. Also up to my ear lobes in salad greens(just bring the blue cheese,lol).

    Well no biking for couple days but hope to see some local snow to hike to in coming week after this h2o deluge has passed.

    Oh! I see on your posts you’re placing blueberries out. Do you place blueberries directly in ground or in large planter? What soil & amendments are used to give em the acidic soil they love? Also am looking forward w/ curiosity to the journaled romantic liasons of the developing goat project in coming new year. A big high 5 to you all & Keep on Urban Gardening the Planet :).

    Bon Chance in New Year 2008, David USDA Zn10, Alhambra Calif.

  4. Brianna says:

    Yeah, we just started getting snow this afternoon after 2 1/2 days of rain (I’m in the San Bernardino Mountains, about an hour from Pasadena). I have all my buckets and bins sitting out, they were mostly full after the first day. I love the lush feeling of all this water falling from the sky… 🙂