Storing fresh produce

Q. I’ve been watching your site for a while now and it all looks great. I’ve got family in Pasadena, so maybe I’ll get to come to one of your events sometime.

I was inspired to write by one of your recent posts about powering down – I think it was in the interdependence day journal entry. There was a mention of the cooler built in your house (I did go look at the earlier post explaining it – brilliant!) and it made me think about a food storage issue I had last summer.

I get my produce from a local CSA, which I really enjoy for all the usual reasons. In the middle of last July’s run on potatoes, I found myself wondering what a good long term storage solution would be – they often would rot before I could eat all of them when they were stored in my usual basket in a cabinet. It seemed like I should be able to store them in such a way as to have potatoes in the winter – that seems like a sort of traditional winter food. I live in Virginia and so it is *very* humid until at least October. I have a dirt crawl space, but I hesitated to put them there because of the damp.

What sort of long-term storage do y’all use or know about? I’ve heard of burying potatoes in lime, but that seems like over kill for the small amount I’d be storing. Any ideas?

A. Here are a few sites about food storage that we have found to be helpful. (shows storage of potatoes in laundry basket)

and this …..

Storing potatoes: Covering the pile or bin with burlap, straw, sawdust, or wood chips can help prevent water (from respiration) from condensing on the surface of the tubers. Such condensation enhances microorganism growth. Four to 6 months is average storage life for white potatoes.

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