Sometimes there are days when folks relate to you some little tidbit about their life that makes your day.  This weekend there were two which did just that.

We get loads of emails and although we do read them, not sure if we are completely digesting them since were experiencing a extreme case of brain overload.  Meaning actually digesting the contents of the email when it’s more like speed reading, getting the gist and moving on to reading the next email.

So we got an email from a customer who wanted to pick up some produce on Sunday afternoon because she was having a birthday party for her daughter.

Her husband than came to pick up the bag of salad and after the transaction asked me, “do you know what this salad is for?”  “Yeah,” I answered, “for a birthday party.”  He replied “well, it’s not your ordinary birthday party, this is for a nine year old.”  Boy, was I like dense (I have been tired lately and feeling that I’ve lost a few brain cells)  Anyhow,  I thought perhaps the daughter was in her twenties or something.    Taking another look at the guy, he probably was around my age!

So anyhow, I was thinking to myself “a nine year old asking for a salad for her birthday party?”  Her father quipped “yeah, she asked for pizza and the PTF salad for her birthday party, she’s probably the only nine year old who’s asked for something like that”

I nodded, smiled and said “I bet she is!”

We were so touched by the young girls requested, we wanted to acknowledge this little girls special day.  So we picked a few edible flowers (nasturtiums and violas)  We then gave the box of flowers to her father and said “a little something special – our gift.”

The next day the mother wrote and said:

“Thank you so much – it was delicious and the girls loved the flowers!”

The next little morsel came when I overheard one of our male volunteers talking with another male attendee (and newbie gardener) that came to PTF’s Film & Food Sunday evening.    They were discussing gardening, soil, hands etc.   Of course my ears zeroed in on that conversation, peaking my interest I then meandered over to eavesdrop.

The volunteer was relating “that because of (pointing to me) he’s not wearing gloves to do the gardening work anymore!”

“Jimminie!” I thought.

I certainly was extremely flattered that somehow I had such an effect on this guy friend of ours but that feeling was short lived since he was already taken – bummer!  But I was still happy.  Happy that if someone else in this world should get a case of “man hands” then good for them – now if I could get one for my very own….  Yeah, I am spoiled. Thanks to two farmers here in the family!


  1. LittleAntFarm says:

    How special for you guys to give that nine year old such a treat for her birthday. I imagine she will be the next generation of homesteader. I am finding so many of my teenagers friends interested in our urban homestead and wanting to do similar things when they are adults. It is a great thing.

  2. Susan says:

    I try to wear gloves in the garden, I have probably 4 or 5 pairs around somewhere, but I just can’t. I always end up taking them off. There’s just something about playing in the dirt that is so satisfying!

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