Two posts in one day! What’s the world coming to? So without any further delay…. drum roll please.

PTF’s Peddler’s Wagon – – Sustainable and Practical Wares for the Urban Pioneer.

Rolling into a cyber town near you… We are pleased to announce the arrival of “The Peddler’s Wagon”

Please note: There are still LOTS of kinks to work out!    So please be patient with us and, if you have any problems ordering, please be so kind as to tell us.

Of course, this site was done in a matter of days (4 to be exact) and in a hurry (and using Microsoft Front Page – urgh!) so there is still lots of work to be done (coding wise). The store’s template is just temporary until we are able to code another one compatible for all the different browsers. So if images are in weird places and things don’t look right, please be patient with us until we build and code another template on Dreamweaver that will be compatible for all the browsers, and with simpler, “clean” coding.

We figure a few shaky weeks before the store runs smoothly, along with all that goes into keeping a store (shipping, ordering, inventory). Some items we have in stock and others, well, they are on their way.

Why the Store?

If urban homesteading and living a simple life was all that we did, our family would be self-sufficient in that we would provide for ourselves through hard workoff and from the land.

BUT there’s more than ourselves in the picture now…

Given the decision to share our journey with the public which involves many, many hours on the computer, website maintanance and fees, eco-printing of brochures ( we sent out 5,000 this year alone!) tours for school children and students, the outreach programs, etc., not to mention the many other projects we have in mind (in the works)it’s no longer just us – the pebble has spread.

Since its beginnings, everything was privately funded by Jules Dervaes and his own personal funds (savings, credit card, etc.); however, Path to Freedom has expanded beyond the means which our piece of land can support.

So with the exceptional growth of PTF, we needed to find a way to have it support itself without having to place ads on our site. Through the online store, we hope that this will be a means to support the website and outreach.

Not only that, but 10% of profits will go towards making the world a better place … How?

“Giving Back: 10% for the People”
“To whom much is given.”

10% of the profits will be donated by the Dervaes Institute which will, in turn, support earth and people care projects.

We hope to raise money to support causes like sending sun ovens to the Darfur refugees. We feel this is something we CAN do.  We can make a difference and you can, too.


From a serious subject to a more lighter post script.

So now you all know what we’ve been up to these last few months.   Whew. Not to mention a few other things/projects… but we’ll save those for later.

Now, back to our regulaly scheduled postings…

Stay tuned for pictures of sleeping goats, cat on straw bale and the “007 soup.”

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  1. gerry medland says:

    Hi Folks,
    A superb addition to PTF!I wish you every success in this new venture,I will be ‘browsing’ this coming weekend!

  2. Jennifer says:

    You guys are full of surprises! It looks great. Ollas! I definitely want to buy a couple of those.
    Congrats on getting your store up and looking so good.

  3. dragonfly183 says:

    I like the new store. I really loved the big watering pot, although I don’t have 150 dollars to spend on it. I was a little dissapointed not to see some of PTF’s treats on there.

  4. Anais says:

    Thanks all for the positive comments!
    There is some work to be done with PTF’s store so it is still under construction.

    FYI: the ollas prices range from $18 to $25. See more info at:

    We will be adding more items a little at a time. Just curious, what kind of “PTF treats” would you like to see?


  5. Katy says:

    Dragonfly – the watering pot isn’t $150 – that’s the price of the solar cooker. Click the link at the bottom of the entry on the Olla, the price is much more affordable!

    (I was confused at first too)

  6. Nancy Kelly says:

    Too cool! An olla order will DEFINITELY be forthcoming from me. Note to dragonfly, it is the oven that is $150! The olla prices are very reasonable.

    Give us the other new projects as soon as you can, I for one am excited.