Between knitting and working on an upcoming PTF presentation/powerpoint for a community event with John Thackara on Feb 12 in Newport Beach, I see the rain is still coming down in torrents.

Justin checked the rain gauge and we are at about  2 1/2 inches!  WOW.  What a difference a day makes.   Thanks to the San Gabriel mountains, the clouds have just parked themselves over our little valley and it’s raining like cats and dogs.  What a fabulous start to February!


  1. Linda says:

    I’m envious of your rain! Here in Riverside the clouds are just teasing me as they float by, without dropping anything. Sigh. We got a good bit last night, and I’m hoping for more – any days I don’t have to irrigate are good days in my book. Enjoy your rain!

  2. Stacy says:

    Yay knitting while it rains! (I just realized I needed to rip 15 rows of the baby blanket I’m working on – and I thought I was almost done!)

  3. rachell says:

    could ya’ll package up some of that rain for us here in austin, we would really appreciate it.

  4. Melissa in Pasadena says:

    enjoy the rain! your garden is smiling!

  5. Merijayd says:

    Enjoy the rain! Yes, I second the rain blessings to Austin too. We are in a F5 drought, the worse since the 1950’s. But I’ve managed to have a great salad garden without too much city water. Thanks so much for the inspiration. We put out the work for your website and freedom gardeners today at the free 2-hour growing techniques tour at Boggy Creek Farm. We had a great turnout and there are so many people wanting to grow their own food! It’s great.

  6. Di says:

    Yep my garden is thoroughly wet and really enjoying it. My dogs not so much =) lol

  7. Debbie says:

    We had rain and a half-hour long hailstorm in north San Diego county. I’m hoping my lettuce bed is okay.

  8. john thackara says:

    Dear Anais,
    I’d be happy if you were to present your story in knitted form….
    See you in a few days!

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