The last few weeks have been trying and stressful for everyone, and our family truly appreciates and is deeply touched by those of you who commented and e-mailed us.

I am happy to report Jordanne’s eye has healed and Jules’ foot is on the mend (has to take it easy!). We are still dealing with the “crisis” situation, which is still unresolved.

A little bit of news from the urban homestead: Yesterday, the new owners started cleaning up the property next door, and they removed one of the many overgrown trees from the property (we figure they’ll take down a few more).   The removal of the tree(s) have certainly changed the dynamics of our yard! We can now grow more crops like corn, tomatoes and other summer veggies in spots of the yard that were shaded by 2 p.m.  

After 10 or so years of having the trees determine what we grow and where, there are going to be lots of changes and adjustments coming to our growing grounds.

If all goes well, I hope to once again return to our regular urban homestead journal entries….In the meantime, you can read a sampling of the German FAZ article and view two new video clips (2 of 6) we’ve uploaded to YouTube (see postings below).

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What the World Eats

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  1. Heather says:

    So glad to hear everyone is on the mend! I hope everything is resolved soon… and in your favor.
    ~New fan, Heather in West Hills