Sorry for the lack of postings lately, things have been pretty hectic and stressful lately. I won’t go into the details, but believe me we are all worn out and tired.   Speaking of postings, something is up with the fonts/colors/bolding of the text on the journal page. I must have forgotten to close a html something or other and now the journal is all funky. I don’t think I have the time to find the missing “>” right now.

Hopefully things will get back to normal soon. The launch of theonline store has put a lot more work on us – both in front of the computer and in paperwork (which we all hate).   We haven’t reached our goal yet (thanks to all those who order btw – we are working on putting up something where customers can comment about the product so stay tuned) to keep this site online: however, we still remain hopeful that this venture will eventually turn a profit.

Urban Homestead Happenings

On Friday, friends of ours will be bringing their ducks for us to sit while they visit family. Should be fun to see Lela and Lola reunited with their sisters Dixie and Dawn. And a Mr. Duck (we haven’t quite figured on what to name him) in the mix should make for quite an interesting reunion.   Of course, Mr. Duck, not being hand raised by us, is still a little frightened of people. After he’s cornered and a little scuffle, he will sit quietly on Jordanne’s lap or let her hold him. Mr. Drake sure is a handsome fella and we love hearing his low muffled quack mixed in with all the other sounds of the city.

Lots of pruning work needs to be done especially on the berries, perennial herbs, etc. Pretty soon the huge lemon verbena tree will need to be pruned (would anyone like some dried lemon verbena- we are going to have LOTS!) The neighbor’s tree is dropping tons of leaves on our site, not that we mind because we love the free mulch; but it does become a nuisance when the leaves cover the raised beds (especially the young seedlings). Luckily, we’ve invested in some row covers to protect the polycultured patchwork of raised beds.

With most of perennial landscape in dormant stage, we can start once again analyzing what needs to be moved or rearranged for next year’s garden. I am quite certain there are more changes on the horizon for the yard, especially after construction is done. With such intensive edible landscaping, it’s always going through changes every year.

Another rain storm is expect on late Saturday and into Sunday. Besides bringing rain, it’s brining some cold Alaskan air. You know what that means? We may be able to fire up our new wood stove with free eucalyptus wood.

Here’s some of what we’ve been up to also this week….

::New on the Wagon:: Cotton String BagCotton Lunch Bag ‌  Sancor Compost Toilets ‌  Can O Worms ‌  Envirocycle Composter ‌  Garden Gourmet Composter   ‌  Lodge Logic Cast Iron CookwareHow To” Library(learn how to harvest rainwater, herbalism, humanure, create a greywater oasis, preserve the harvest, care for poultry, bees and goats and much much more!)

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  1. Mimi says:

    My christmas list just got really really long. Your how to library is fantastic. I always find it difficult to find practical knowledge in books and it appears you have assembled a wonderful library of resources. Thanks so much for the hard work! I hope to contribute to it paying off in the near future.

  2. gerry medland says:

    Please remember to ‘pay’ yourselves first,even 5 mins meditation can work wonders and renew tired souls!I am sending POSITIVE thought and BLESSINGS your way!
    peace and calm to you all
    gerry m