In the Works….

Here’s a list of the current projects we are working on.

Since we finally got a new metal roof installed back in January, next on the WW agenda (ww = “water & waste”) is gutters.   We’ve calculated how much feet we need and are working with someone in getting the pieces so we can install them ourselves. Next comes the rainwater holding tanks.  We’ve been in contact with WaterHOg of Australia last word we had from them was they were coming to LA in May and bringing our order with them….   Then there’s the greywater system(s) that need to be installed.
Stay tuned for exciting details and photos.

Reader’s Feedback

We appreciate everyone who writes and leaves comments. Even though we may not answer right away your feedback and questions are certainly valuable to the ongoing evolution of this site.

One reader commented our frustrating experience with the Post Office in their treatment of live shipment order. Didn’t mean to throw all PO employees under a bad light because of our bad experience, just lamenting how there’s no such thing as customer service these days. I can understand being overwhelmed in such an environment.

Thought I’d make a suggestion. Perhaps you might call and speak to a supervisor or the Postmaster and KINDLY explain that you get shipments of live animals. (It would probably be a good idea to call after 11:00am.) Do you have any idea how busy a Post Office is at 7:00am on a Monday? Do you have any idea how many parcels an office handles on a daily basis? Perhaps the woman Jordanne interacted with had already dealt with calls from 20 other customers who wanted them to check for their parcels. (I’m sure you’re familiar with the “It’s all about me” attitude that seems to be pervading our society.)Bottom line is that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar and a little communication and patience go a long way in establishing a good rapport with anyone, including the employees at the Post Office.Sincerely,The wife of a Postal employee (one who works hard treats his customers well)

Thank you for taking the time to write, I am sure there are more PO employees like your husband out there than the one we dealt with. I admit, my post was tad bit over critical with a dose of frustration that spilled through.

Every experience is a learning curve, this time around we’ll be wiser and smarter. We are expecting the replacement shipment end of May and we’ve already called the PO and alerted them about what to expect and will touch base again with them the day before. If that fails (and we are hoping it doesn’t) we’ll just ride over there and speak to someone in person as it helps seeing people face to face and not over the phone.

Another reader suggested:

Hello all,I would like to know where Peddler’s Wagon goods come from… we’re trying very hard to purchase “made in the USA” and to avoid “made in China” right now… could you consider adding the country of origin to the product descriptions?I would also like to mention how much we LOVE our solar cooker. I use it everyday to make homemade food for our dogs… easy and inexpensive and SAFE…

Excellent suggestion and something to definitely look into integrating into our site – thank you. It’s, unfortunate, but some “green” goods are not made in the USA.    ThePeddler’s Wagon is still under development stages we’d like to have a place for customer’s comments and a little “stamp” next to items that we use here on the urban homestead…. all that, hopefully will be done in due time.

Q & A

A few reader’s posted/poised questions: about natural flea control, what we used for our raised beds and about harvesting rainwater.   We hope to address your and any other questions our readers have in postings next week so please stay tuned.


Thinking about Crap: Should Houses Have Composting Toilets? [Treehugger]

Yet most of our waste water need not go to the sewer, gray water from showers and sinks could be used in gardens for irrigation. The only water that is a problem is that from the toilet- so why don’t we try and get rid of it? Perhaps we should have composting toilets in our houses.
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:: EVERYDAY SOLUTION :: Purchase compost toilet unit fromPTF’s online store or DIY and build your own loo

Honeybee die-off threatens food supply [Yahoo News]

BELTSVILLE, Md. – Unless someone or something stops it soon, the mysterious killer that is wiping out many of the nation’s honeybees could have a devastating effect on America’s dinner plate, perhaps even reducing us to a glorified bread-and-water diet.
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Five ways to help our disappearing bees [LighterFootstep]

In some areas, losses of honeybees are reported to be as high as 75 percent. The situation means a lot more than high honey prices: bees are primary pollinators in both the human and animal food chains. The collapse of bee populations is bad news if researchers can’t get a handle on the issue, and bee colonies don’t recover.
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The Hippies Were Right!Green homes? Organic food? Nature is good? Time to give the ol’ tie-dyers some respect [SFGate]

…There is but one conclusion you can draw from the astonishing (albeit fitful, bittersweet) pro-environment sea change now happening in the culture and (reluctantly, nervously) in the halls of power in D.C., one thing we must all acknowledge in our wary, jaded, globally warmed universe: The hippies had it right all along. Oh yes they did. You know it’s true. All this hot enthusiasm for healing the planet and eating whole foods and avoiding chemicals and working with nature and developing the self? Came from the hippies. Alternative health? Hippies. Green cotton? Hippies. Reclaimed wood? Recycling? Humane treatment of animals? Medical pot? Alternative energy? Natural childbirth? Non-GMO seeds? It came from the granola types (who, of course, absorbed much of it from ancient cultures), from the alternative worldviews, from the underground and the sidelines and from far off the goddamn grid and it’s about time the media, the politicians, the culture as a whole sent out a big, wet, hemp-covered apology
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Teflon: out of the frying pan ? [Ecologist]

Credited in the Guinness book of records as the world’s most slippery substance, Teflon has escaped the scrutiny of environmental regulators for 50 years. Now evidence suggests that the chemicals that leak from Teflon pans during cooking may be more harmful to the environment and human health than DDT
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:: EVERYDAY SOLUTION :: Look forcast iron cookware glass, or stoneware

How the Me-Generation Ruined Modern Conversation

…No one ever considers that happiness doesn’t always come in the form of a boat or a tropical vacation. TV tells us that a new car with a heated cup holder will make us happy….or a cell phone that plays MP3’s….or a cute new sun dress. So we buy and buy and buy and when that doesn’t work, TV is quick to remind us that people in other countries are starving, so we should grateful for what we’ve got.Do you want to know the reason I think people are so sad?Loneliness. Simple loneliness. I think most people are so {*****)lonely, they can’t see straight. Again, I will use post secret as an example. Don’t you think it’s just a little sad and pathetic that so many people have to write down their secrets on a postcard and send them in anonymously because there is not a single person in their lives they feel comfortable confiding in? Technorati boasts that there are 71 million blogs right now. Most of which contain people who reveal their innermost thoughts and feelings to complete strangers likely because no one in real life pays attention to them. No one sees anything wrong with this?
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