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We Got Rain

A cut off low has parked itself off the coast and is expected to bring showers Saturday and into Wednesday.   Plants and people alike are doing the rain dance. As long as it’s a soft and steady rain we can use all it can give us.

In the Garden – State of Limbo

To quote a recent LA Times piece of the aftermath from the freeze

Bob Gaggero of Giovannis Nursery in Carpinteria said he has been in the business for 45 years and never has seen temperatures stay below freezing for so long. “Nobody was prepared for this much cold,” he said.
…It may take two to three months before the nursery can tell whether the trees have any life in them.For home gardeners, the advice is largely the same: Don’t buy replacements yet. Some of your frosted plants may spring back to life, so don’t prune. Don’t fertilize. And remember: Two months of winter still lie ahead.

This weird weather is throwing our planting schedule out of whack. We are in the “do we” zone. Do we replant, replace now or do we wait a few weeks?

With the small rain showers we had on Saturday afternoon and through the night, we are able to move some plants around in the garden – finding better spots for them.   All the blackened banana leaves have been cut off leaving sad looking trunks. The greens are slowing coming back; however, the chard and broccoli still look pathetic and stunted. The edible perennials in the front look burnt as if someone torched the leaves. Hopefully the rain and warmer weather will bring forth new growth.

Friday, without any orders to deliver (yes, we are still suffering from the deadly frost two weeks back – we are now able to harvest greens for ourselves but we still do not have enough to sell) the guys spent most of the day cleaning the cellar and getting ready to do some re plumbing that will divert bath water into a out door greywater area under the tropical plants.


The bucketeers come out in force {The Age}

In the old days, the bucket brigade was formed when everyone in town came out with one to fight a fire. A similar ethos has taken over Melbourne in the water crisis. The city has been taken over by a secret army — the bucketeers.As The Sunday Age discovered, Melburnians are keeping buckets in their bathrooms for decanting their shower water onto their faded roses and parched lawns.
Thanks for the tip Michelle.


We enjoy using our low tech “bucket” sink system which we use to flush the front toilet or water the garden.   Speaking of the simple bucket.  There are so many useful and practical applications for the bucket. Here’s some off the top: bucket sawdust toilet, bucket greywater, storage, rainwater collection, self watering container, and composter. Can you think of any bucket uses?

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  1. LizKnits says:

    Just found your webpages after reading the LA Times article. Your webpages, the article, and the videoclips are very inspirational. I’d love to hear how you use the bucket in the shower … do you just catch the water, soap and all before it goes down the drain?

    Thanks for all the great info. I look forward to reading more in the future.

  2. Brian says:

    I’m an avid collector of buckets. I use them for worm bins and storing vermicompost before it’s used in the garden. When I’ve had to buy potting soil and cotton seed meal, I always transfer it from those annoying bags.

    Got any tips on where to get free buckets from?

  3. Sarah says:

    A white 5-gallon bucket plus utility lamp inside plus piece of glass on top makes a better and brighter light box.