The other day the urban homestead and homesteaders were visited by a film crew from Brazilian TV. As if he doesn’t get enough attention already (daily smooches and tummy rubs), our orange tabby has to hog the spot light. He likes to be where the action is.

Here he is joining Farmer D. I could see his interview going something like:

So, Spanky, what’s┬áthe scoop here on the urban homestead, what are these people really like?

What are the perks or disadvantages of living with such radical hippies? (an endearing label given by our friends)

What question would you have asked Mr Spanky (a.k.a ‘Boo’) ? I’ll pass it on….

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  1. Simply.Belinda says:

    Hi Mr Spanky,

    I have a cat that lives next door that insists on making a mess all over my veggie patch. What can I do to stop this outrage?

    Kind Regards

  2. Beany says:

    Hi Mr. Spanky:

    I’d like to look cute and have long naps all day long and not worry about food or shelter. Having 9 lives wouldn’t hurt either…I have too many goals I would like to accomplish.

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