Justin Dervaes

Justin is jack-of-all-trades. Pry a little deeper and find a seed junkie in denial. Justin is addicted to plants — often planting seeds and growing them until there just isn’t a single inch of space to put them. If you can’t find your way to our front door, blame it on Justin.. It truly is a jungle out there.

When he’s not trying to grow every heirloom tomato that exists on this planet (and some that don’t…yet), he’s passionate about taking care of the little insects that make all the produce possible – those wonderful little honey bees.

From brewing biodiesel to installing solar panels, Justin loves to get his hands on projects. Give him a bike and he’ll break it apart and put it back together faster than a soldier with a rifle.

Justin’s runs the daily the farm operations and is the head manager of the farm box program, serving the customers with his practical “know-how” and his ever-ready smile.