Jordanne Dervaes

Jordanne is a mix of old-fashioned and 21st century techie. Imagine for a moment a hybrid of Jane Austen, Ellie May ( of Beverly Hillbillies), Annie Oakley and a 21st century Techie-Geek” and you get the most basic of picture.

For someone who has always felt that she was born in the wrong century, Jordanne handles the contradiction very well – one minute coding a website for a client and then next performing minor surgery on a chicken without skipping a beat.

Jordanne loves all creatures great and small, and uses her skills and knowledge to help others treat their critters with an encyclopedic mind of holistic & herbal remedies.

When she’s not mucking out the chicken coop or welding powertools you’ll find her in the kitchen baking yummy desserts, brewing up medieval mead and wine concoctions or repurposing second hand “junk” into Pinterest worthy masterpieces.

She shares her knowledge & passions through the teaching of workshops with her unique and straightforwardly honest style.