Anais Dervaes

Anais is a country girl at heart and throwback to another era. She’s an apron-wearing barefootin’ dynamo who never shrinks from a challenge. She’s passionate about food, since she was a kid has always loved to cook & bake. Over the years she has honed her kitchen skills to the point where she can prepare food with maximum efficiency feed 40 people – no problem!

Since 2001, she taken to chronicling the family’s daily struggles and triumphs of life on their city homestead. She runs the farmstand operations and numerous outreach programs – workshops, film screenings, knit togethers, socials, and school tours/sessions.

Anais also enjoys developing homesteading skills includes: candle and soap-making; knitting; herbal remedies; sewing; crocheting; canning and food preservation. She loves the homestead life and sharing her “pioneer” passion with everyone she meets. Laura Ingalls would certainly be proud.