“Bring yourself,
Take your time,
The food will bring minds together,
As foreign as they might be,
Friends will be found in a shared experience,
Without history or gestures known,
If you have a bit of hunger, bring that as well,
We will not wear our masks here,
Come with a word,
Think about a story,
But come to eat,
We are far from peril or strong,
We are here, We are here together.”  –Kinfolk


Have you seen this latest film from Kinfolks on the ‘Art of Bread Making.‘   Drool.  Doesn’t this film capture the timeless art of baking bread?  To me this is an important reminder that our homesteading life should be shaped around the space “in-between.”

Like to make your own bread, start of with easy peasy “no knead” bread.

[yumprint-recipe id=’2’] 

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