Happy faces!

We had an usually cold storm pass through, bringing strong winds, heavy rains (up to 3 “) and even (pea- sized) hail and snow to the local mountains.   Didn’t stay cold for very long and temperatures are slowly starting  to heat up.  We’ll be into the 90’s  by the end of this week.  Talk about weather whiplash.  Short sleeves, long sleeves now back to short sleeves.   Jeepers!   Downright crazy, if you ask me.     Though we are happy to have such a drenching rain so late in the season, the sad thing is this weather system ended up bringing the rash of deadly tornadoes to hit the mid part of the nation.    Hope and pray everyone is safe and sound.

Spring (or mild form of summer) has definitely transformed the garden over night!   Everything had a huge growth spurt.  Seed trays, transplanted plants all line the walkways waiting for the spring crops to come out.

Justin is selling his extra soil blocks of herbs, tomatoes and summer veggies at the Front Porch Farm Stand (Open Sun thru Fri 10 AM – 8 PM).  He also brought in some of his favorite organic gardening supplies to help local growers grow their own.  Hopefully by summer, his little nursery and gardening supplies will increase as our expansion plans move forward.    We are all crazy busy with the farm stand and other projects, so it is like a three ring circus around here!  Never a dull moment, makes every day an adventure, to say the least.  Luv it!

My workload has tripled so forgive me if I am behind in answering your emails and inquires.  I will get to your emails, just might take awhile.

You know, it’s been quite awhile since I did a picture post ( I know they are one of y’all favorites).  Figure it’s high time I do one whilst the garden is looking so purdy.

Bees and ladybugs on the lavender

Front yard community sitting space where folks enjoy sitting and drinking tea or coffee

Bird bath, calendulas and blueberries

Flowering collards

Blooming manuka. The bees go bonkers over this shrub.

Shallow, rock filled watering hole for the bees

Greens galore! Now at Front Porch Farm Stand

Don’t you just love Spring?

How’s your garden growing?  What are your 2012 garden plans?

All you locals out there,don’t forget to drop by our Front Porch Farm Stand and stock up on all sorts of seeds, plants and gardening supplies.


  1. Ginger says:

    Nice pics–nice post

    Crazy weather here, too. Snowed all weekend…now is 70ish and sunny. But…I won’t be lured into thinking I can plant out. Late snow is always a threat here, so my babies will stay in the front window until Jun 1.

  2. Ginger says:

    PS wish I lived close enough to visit your new coffee house. Of course I don’t drink coffee but I could still sit and eat a basket of strawberries from your farm. Someday, I just might buy that house next door. Not a stalker, really, just a great fan and wanna be.

  3. Diana says:

    Is it possible to grow Manuka shrub is Oklahoma? Do you have any seeds?

  4. Rodney7777 says:

    Hi group! You asked about my garden? I hope you won;t be sorry you did that. 🙂

    Spent the winter and early spring setting up my 8 rain catchment tanks (275 gallons each). They are BTW’s, cubed shaped plastic tanks set into a metal cage. They are great. I set up 4 at my apartment building here in Kasson Mn. The roof is huge so there should be plenty of water for my garden and my rain gutter set up where I hope to have self watering buckets and I will offer a bucket or two to the residents of the building so they can grow something if they like.

    Then I set up the remaining 4 tanks in back of my pole shed (it sits on two acres) in nearby Dodge Center Mn, where I collect water for the second “dirt” garden that I have there. No well or city water there.

    It is my third year of gardening and am learning each year.

    So this year for my two “dirt” gardens I will be putting down wood chip covering. I bought a German made electric wood chipper. I have lots of dead trees, so will slowly be getting rid of all those branches. I saw the Back To Eden movie ( I think I heard about that on your website) and decided to try the wood chip covering once the plants are up high enough.

    Planting pole beans and peas tomorrow in buckets.

    The first round of heirloom tomato seedlings mostly failed, so I am doing a second bigger batch.

    Sometime, maybe even this year, I would like to deep six some ollas that are connected to my tanks.

    Aren’t you glad you asked about my garden? 🙂 🙂

    I enjoy your website and last winter I was reading your posts starting from the beginning. So thank you for putting up such a great site.


  5. Karen says:

    Hi everyone. My garden is still in phase one. My husband rigged the front tined tiller to the back of a riding lawnmower to make life easier. He’s tilled the garden three times already, but we still have a ton of sod and small rocks to get out of it. We decided to till a 1/4 acre this year. It will be our biggest garden yet. We’re using the compost from the rabbit and chicken manure in this years garden so we’ll see how much that will help everything grow. It’s been dropping down to the lower teens at night and it’s still snowing at least once a week. It’s suppose to get up into the 70’s this week, but then drop right back to cold weather. What a crazy Spring! We can’t plant anything until we know the cold weather is gone for good. Since our growing season is so short, we are thinking about starting some seeds in the house. I hope to be in phase two by the end of the month. We’ll see. Happy gardening and happy Spring!

  6. Karen says:

    I also have a question for everyone. I want to clear a parcel of land to make a community garden for next year. Has anyone been a part of a community garden? What is your opinion about it?

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