Blushing pink buds and blooms

Many of our dwarf peach trees are blooming, a sure sign that spring is just around the corner. Have you caught “spring fever” yet? What are the most tell tale signs of your affliction? I’ll start the ball rolling – drooling over seed catalogs, uncontrollable urge to dig in the soil with my bare hands….

Things around the urban homestead are getting crazy – almost insane. Lots of “stuff’s” building up and the pressure is intense (pressure is what makes a diamond, or so they say). I can’t even write about all that’s going on just because there’s so much stuff “still in the works” and not finalized yet.

This month, urban homestead life will once again be interrupted. The producer who’s making a documentary about PTF is coming three times this month to wrap up his filming. Then there’s another short film interview for a green commercial next week and an exploratory meeting that may determine what PTF will be doing in the next few years. Unfortunately, none of the filming pieces will generate income to keep PTF growing; however, such projects will spread the urban sustainable movement and environmental awareness, so that’s positive. With all this and more, it’s putting pressure on us to anticipate growth, and we are definitely going through a few growing pains — and we haven’t even touched our own urban homestead book/film/video clips/recipe book, etc., projects for which people have been clamoring.

November to March is when we make improvements to the urban homestead, so we are all busy helping with upkeep and new projects. We’re still enjoying good food, health and sunshine. So we are indeed blessed.

Growing Where We Are Planted

In pursuing our dreams and holding the vision along the way, there is much to do, as you can see. PTF has spent over seven years pursuing our dreams, dreams which have manifested into a living urban homestead model that is shared via the internet and our local community.

We invite you to join PTF in our dream of making our positive impact and growing outreach possible.

Here is what you can do:
1. Please consider using our online store. This is the one of the most direct ways to help us continue to be sustainable so we can continue to provide our valuable outreach services.
2. If you’ve gleaned knowledge and know-how over the years through resources on this site, consider making a tax deductible donation in any amount. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t take much to support our work. If all our readers just contributed a dollar, our outreach and operating costs would be taken care of.

PTF needs your support, especially this month with the launch of the new 100footdiet.org. Help us grow and transform the future. Thank you.

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  1. Heather says:

    I am going crazy for spring. Your blossoms are beautiful! We missed planting a winter crop, and are now starting our spring stuff!