Backyard garden

The garden has certainly grown in leaps and bounds over these past couple of warm days. The trees are all experiencing a growth spurt and some of the tender salad crops are going to seed.   We went from winter to summer in a matter of days and spring was passed over.   

A few days ago we received an nice email from Carol Steinfeld, author of books and articles on compost toilets and grey water, who offered advice on the six types we are looking at.  

It’s hard juggling new projects and spring plantings at the same time. We really should have been researching all options and planning our waste and water project in the fall & winter. However, those critical months were taken up with traveling to see our dying grandmothers and working extra jobs to pay off the new diesel engine and traveling expenses.

We are a bit behind in the garden because every day it rained (which was quite a few) we “lost” two — not being able to work due to everything being so wet. Combining all the rainy days, we probably lost about a month.  This week with the nice warm weather we hope to catch up and get ahead.   Justin declared the other morning that his “vacation is over,” he has his watering job back!  The dry Santa Ana condition has dried up the pots- surprised how fast things lose moisture.

We picked our first strawberry of the season! Hmmm, now how to divided up the little fellow in equal parts  – one sliver for you, and teaser for you and you…

The animals (and humans!) are enjoying the warm sunshine, especially the chickens who love taking dust baths and who, for so long, have had nothing but wet soil and have been deprived of this daily ritual.