God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks to us in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: It is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world ~ C. S. Lewis

It’s a Holy Season for us (observing Passover & Days of Unleavened Bread), so going to take a few days break as we reflect on and re prioritize a few things in our own personal lives.   We absolutely love what we do, but sometimes it’s good to step away for awhile.

I can’t begin to tell you all the things that are happening, along with Holy observances, it’s just a busy time of year.  A farming life is 24/7 and it just kicked into high gear with the recent rains (what a blessing!)

Along with a few other projects, God willing, we are working on expanding this little operation at another location.   “Many hands make light the work,” so with that in mine, been trying to recruit some help to get this new phase up and running.

Won’t be gone long – just a few days. Be back to in the saddle, er, blogging  next week.

Happy Spring  & Many Blessings, Y’all!

PS  Hope all our Texas readers are OK, our thoughts and prayers are with you!


  1. Joyce says:

    It’s so nice to hear about Spring Break in relation to faith and nature instead of drunken debauchery. To me spring break was the opportunity to go home, reconnect with my family and spend some quality time with my critters and the forests and fields.

  2. V Schoenwald says:

    Wishing you a Blessed Holy week and spring break to all of you. I hope that you get your project(s) off of the ground and going forward.
    Have a wonderful rest.

  3. Mordechai and Rachael Welt says:

    As Passover is the traditional festival of freedom we can’t help but think of the Dervaes family each year at this time.

    Your websites and lifestyle have inspired us and thousands of others to seek out our own “path to freedom.”

    Wishing you and your family a joyous, meaningful and inspiring holiday.

  4. Tommy says:


  5. Nebraska Dave says:

    Anais, I was just thinking about asking if you were still planning on the expansion mentioned some time back. I know that bringing a new piece of property into production can be a very busy time. When do we get to see some pictures of the new place? It will be fascinating to see how the Dervaes family take a new property and get it up to speed without neglecting the original place. Good luck with all your new endeavors.

    I’m just back from vacation. It’s really great to not only take a vacation to visit family but also a media vacation as well. Even though a good time was had by all, it’s still good to be home.

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