The urban homestead and farming movement, pioneered online here, is really taking off and finally is on the mainstream media’s radar.

20 plus years ago when we started implementing our countrified homesteading lifestyle into our current citified surroundings it took us years to finally put all the key elements of urban homesteading in place – and we are still working on a few more.

This last year we’ve noticed the modern urban homesteading movement is spreading and gaining in popularity by the day – becoming a social and revolutionary trend that aims to make a statement against the corporate powers that be.

This morning the urban homestead was visited by CNN for a featured story on ‘a day and the life of an urban homesteader.’ They tell us the piece will be about 2-3 minutes and possibly a reporter might follow up on either Monday or Tuesday. We aren’t quite sure where and when the piece will air and we’ll let you know as soon as we know anything.

Here are some “behind the scenes” photos…

There’s me in the kitchen wearing with my “second-hand media outfit” whipping up some homemade, herb (homegrown) pizza crust with homegrown vegetables (tomatoes, basil, squash, green onions) If you haven’t noticed already, that I’ve practically worn this same outfit (purple prairie skirt, burgundy sweater, and tee) every time for some interview or other these last couple years. Jordanne threatens to re-donate it… but hey, it’s my “comfy camera” outfit. Although, she maybe right …. I may have to eventually retire my urban homesteader uniform.

The brewmeister brews up a batch of homemade biodiesel

Jordanne chats about keeping animals in the city and how animals play an integral part here on the urban homestead

Local chefs come by and pick up their orders and discuss with Farmer D what’s growing…… Farmer D gives CNN a tour of the urban homestead

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  1. Nuno says:

    Congratulations, all attention is deserved and will make more people look at their backyard with a little more ambition.

  2. D~ says:

    That is really wonderful that CNN has taken an interest in what you all are doing! I am hopeful that the piece will make an impact on those main-streamers who will be learning about Urban Homesteading for the first time.

    Your family has inspired me and completely altered my way of thinking, I am so grateful to have stumbled across your website! Thank you for all that you do and all that you share with the rest of us 🙂

  3. Fiona says:

    That is great that CNN was there. The more media coverage the better and as June say maybe it will plants seeds of ideas in peoples heads regarding what they can do with a little lawn:)

    It’s my dream to have my own little urban farm and I know that someday (after college,one goal at a time:) it will happen.

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