Anyone Going Up North?
If you or someone you know’s heading up San Francisco way please contact jordanne ( jordanne(at)pathtofreedom(dot)com ) we need someone to make a special delivery asap! THANKS.

Air head {Salon}

I could buy an air conditioner — but what would summer be without the romance of a shockingly cold beer, sweaty sheets and rustling leaves?Some might call this nostalgia. But you needn’t go back 20 years for an example. Last night, for instance, as I lay in bed reading with the windows open, the curtains were moving, and a vivid green bug the size of a red pepper flake kept getting entangled in my chest hair. Every few minutes, a horsefly zoomed past the pages of my book, then disappeared for another lap. A dog barked in a downstairs apartment, while a train mooed north along the Hudson. This is summer. In summer we pack up the blankets and sleep beneath sheets. In summer we listen to the leaves. Sometimes we can smell the stone-clear river water on the breeze. Who would ever want to efface such details?
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