Q. Thanks ! I had another quick question. You mentioned before that you feed them all soybeans. Can you buy them dried, soak them overnight and feed the animals or do you cook them as well?

A. Yep, they really love soybeans and it gives them that protein they need to
lay eggs. I buy dried soybeans in bulk by the pound and soak them for a
couple hours or overnight and then I cook them by bringing them to a boil and
then cover the pan with a lid so the heat and steam will soften them without
using too much energy. I do this because the ducks especially like soft
soybeans — they can’t swallow or chew hard ones. I also mash the soybeans a
bit after they are softened and the ducks seem to enjoy that.

I usually cook enough for a week each time so I don’t spend much time doing
it and store the remaining portions in the ‘fridge for measuring out in the

It’s even easier to cook soybeans in a solar oven as you just pop a pan in
there and forget about it until that night.

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