Yesterday Jules Dervaes once again delivered a thought provoking and inspiring presentation/talk to a very enthusiastic and inquisitive crowd at Ten Thousand Villages, Pasadena. A special thanks to Sam, the store’s manager, for inviting PTF to speak, who, afterwards presented us with a card which read:

Thank you on behalf of our whole organization for sharing your story and wisdom. It was inspiring. I look forward to partnering with you and supporting your wok in the future. Thanks again – Sam

For those who were interested in books (like ‘How to Grow More Vegetables‘) and some of the gardening tools mentioned in the presentation you can buy them online here.

Out & About

What’s upcoming…

Saturday May 17th PTF will be tabling at C.I.C.L.E’S (thanks to the wonderful Liz & Shay duo for once again inviting us to participate) 2ND ANNUAL URBAN BICYCLE COMMUTER EXPO

Stay tuned for these outreach events and more as PTF spreads the seeds of self self-sufficiency throughout the community.

From the Inbox

An inspiring email which we like to share.


My cousin just recently told me about your homestead. I never knew anything like this existed here! It is like a Findhorn Community where the Lord has blessed you with sustenance. I briefly perused the website as I was overwhelmed at what I saw and couldn’t digest everything so quickly.

I watched a video clip on YouTube and was really amazed. That is something I have always wanted to do but never learned how to do it correctly.

I would love to take a tour and better yet, get my hands dirty and even water plants and just take in the scenery. I am so turned off by technology. One day, our Creator could say, ‘down with the power grid’ and then what? People will all be lost. I love candles and was the ONLY ONE on my block who turned off all electricity for one hour that one Saturday when we were asked to turn off lights. ….I was just so overwhelmed at reading your website and thank God for people like you.

Thank you for educating people and I am thankful that I finally found your website. . . in 2008!!! The world is going to hell in a hand basket and technology doesn’t help anything either. . . . except that I found your website, thanks to my cousin. She is starting to grow vegetables, too. It’s very sad that people are so into themselves and it is a greedy culture we live in. I pray that your work continues to be blessed!!

Rosemead, CA

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  1. David says:

    Thanks honorable Journal keeper & dueling cycler Anais, for mentioning the UrbanBike Commuter Expo. Planning to peddal on over from downunder Temple City/ Alhambra to see the goings ons & catch your exhibits. Looking forward to consulting Justin’s valued cycle expertise.

    Cheers, David in Temple City

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