Resistance is fertile

Here’s another interview with Jules titled ‘Sayonara Supermarkets’ 

“Sayonara supermarkets, that’s our goal,” says father Jules Dervaes. No dreadlocks or tie-dye here, just some plaid: the Dervaes look pretty “normal” (whatever that means anymore). No pretensions at eco-hip yuppiedom. It’s about what’s practical. The one son and two daughters are in their early twenties. They all live together, and run an increasingly multi-faceted home-based operation.

(Hey, but I like Tie-dye!) 😉

he AP article has been picked up by over 38 media outlets throughout the country. You can imagine our surprise to receive this email the other day:

Hello Mr. Dervaes,You can probably imagine my surprise and delight this morning when my local paper here in Corvallis, OR had an article and photo on the front page titled: “Costs and food safety worries lead city folk to grow their own”. My husband Keane has seen your website before and I was very pleased when I saw it this morning to see you listed our seed company as a source for seeds. Looking again this evening, I’m really amazed at what an extensive and complex site you’ve developed. Thank you again… I’d even like to help with contentdevelopment but first must finish our 200 catalog.

Rose Marie Nichols McGee;Nichols Garden NurseryAlbany, OR

Thank you, Mrs McGee, for your email, positive and encouraging comments!   It’s been over 10 years now since we purchased seeds from Nichols Garden Nursery