Rainbow at sunset

Just need  a pair of ruby slippers!

Jeepers! There’s a lot happening!   Our dear friend had shoulder surgery and is still in a recovery home so we visit her at least three times a week bringing her fresh fruit and clean laundry.   Another friend’s parents were in a terrible car accident.   They were hit from behind by a speeder and their car careened and flipped onto oncoming traffic.  Took the emergency crew 20 minutes to get them out of the overturned car.  Fortunately, they didn’t sustain any serious injury! Their car, on the other hand, is totaled.  The kid that hit them is being prosecuted for reckless driving.

On the homefront, there are a lot of fall plantings, harvesting. I got  a pretty neat old “hand powered” sewing machine (she’s a beaut!) and there’s a couple days’ worth of filming happening here at our homestead.   Can’t really say what (*grin*) but should be a pretty interesting show.

Busy, busy, busy!   What about you? Hope everyone else had a splendid week.

Have a wonderful weekend, ya’ll


  1. elaine nieves says:

    Sounds like you had a busy week! I’m sure your friend appreciates your visits with clean laundry and fruit (not to mention your company). The sewing machine sounds great! Very useful. Is it the kind that you power with your foot or do you actually turn it by hand on top? Do you have a picture of it? My parents use to work at Singer sewing machine company back in N.Y. in the old days so I have an interest in old sewing machines. Have a restful weekend!

  2. girlgroupgirl says:

    Hi Folks:
    My prayers will be for your friends who are troubled in these days. Today is “officially” our first fall day! Looks like cooler weather has finally set it. It is very dry, but luckily I still have stored water, and the most exciting news is that I found someone to help me with large scale water reclamation. It comes with a pricetag, but I can’t do this stuff myself, however it is so thrilling to FINALLY be able to further the journey towards getting the rest of our land to be productive. It’s been hard, I’m not very patient with these things. I wanted this done and done right 3 years ago but slowly …slowly it is coming along. I’ve met some great people along the way!
    Say, I’m really interested in hearing more about your last winter/spring water project. Do you think you can persuade Farmer’s D and J to tell us a little bit more how that is going?
    I am JEALOUS about your sewing machine. I had an old Sears that could be tredle or electric but as a young person my Uncle reclaimed it. I so dearly want it back. I LOVED using the tredle machine and never used the electric myself…but of course my loved ones thought that was primitive and that I “DeserveD” a new fangled fancy electric machine 🙂

    Wishing you the abundance of this season!

  3. diana bernardes says:

    Hi wonderful guys,

    I’ve been talkin about you to a wonderful person who has the same general views in life and my own views as well and plans on how we can make this world a better place to live in, and as we talked, a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky. he took a picture of it and with me in it on a silhuite mode. Rainbows they say, are affirmations of our present thoughts, actions and dreams. That we both dreamt of the same dream that you did, rainbows indeed have a wonderful way of saying there’s a lot more there beyond. . .

    Keep on the modelling guys! you don’t know how many people’s lives you have touched and changed. . for the better!! (I too have a nice mechanical sewing machine and my curtains looked great even done in the antique way)

  4. James Gardner says:

    You are going to simply love that old sewing machine. My father kept his Grandmoter’s pedal powered Singer sewing machine. It is a hide-a-way. The table top needs to be re-furbished. I will complete that and give it to my two great aunts whom learned to sew on that very machine. They are both in thier eighties now. Thier mother (my greatgrandmother) had that when she was young. She passed way around 100 years of age. Noone actualy knows how old she was because she never told and she was born bfore there were birth certificates.
    When you have your own family and teach them to live as you do, they will cherish that old machine.

  5. Tim says:

    We’ll be praying for your friends, for sure.
    Whassup here at “Little Farm in the ‘Hood”?
    – One of our goats is due in 2 weeks (we’re still not sure she’s even pregnant!)
    – Chard and Brassicas are coming up nicely
    – Spinach and lettuces are having EXTREMELY poor germination rates. Not sure what went wrong. Gonna have to re-sow.
    – Time to build more mini-hoop houses before the first Fall frost
    – Kids are showing goats and a rooster at two October fairs (our FIRST time doing this)
    – Trying to figure out erosion issues
    – Homschooling/parenting 5 human kids (whew!)

    Really appreciate you guys. We’ve never met you, but consider you friends and mentors. I call you, “My friends in Pasadena” and recommend your site to anyone interested. You guys rock!

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