In 2003 we had the great honor to hear Vandana Shiva speak at the Eco Farming Conference (oh I have exciting news about their 2010 one, but that news comes later)

“There is a myth that there are agricultural societies, and then there are industrial societies and service societies, as if when you become an industrial or service society you don’t need food,” she says. “As we hit climate chaos, as we hit peak oil, assuming that you can get your food from far away and use fossil-fuel-intensive systems to produce food is totally not sustainable. Bringing food security close to home will have to be the project of the future.”

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  1. CE says:

    Has anyone seen the Green Channel show called “Split Estate”? It is about injecting chemicals into the ground ALL OVER the western states, in order to extract previously unattainable oil or natural gas reserves. The upshot is that the water, soil and air are so polluted that populations living anywhere near these sites are becomming very sick. There are tens of thousands of these sites and tens of thousands of permits being filed to do more. Watch the show and be prepared to ride a bike or drive electric because you do not want to be a part of what is being done to the land, air ,water and people of these states.!!!

  2. Amygwh says:

    Great article. Re-affirms the commitment to growing more of our own. Thanks for posting it!

    Amy, NW of Atlanta

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