The rain that has battered and drenched Northern California has finally reached the LA area, brinigng with it cold and windy weather. It’s coming down pretty hard today, drenching the participants of the 117 annual Tournament of Rose Parade.  

Hopes of a dry Rose Parade were certainly washed away.  Definitely not a pleasant day to be outside, especially hard on the parade participants, in particular the bands having to march the five miles (two of our friends are playing in the PCC band – poor things). The floats don’t stand much of a chance with the torrential downpours.

The wind has toppled over a few of the plants, which we hope can be saved.

Yesterday (and today) was a good day to do some organizing work in the kitchen, checking and combining all the containers the hold our bulk staple items like flours, oats and rice.

With much of the day spent inside and the orange trees loaded with fruit, we figured why not make some marmalade?   Our family is really not a big fan of store bought marmalade so we were a bit apprehensive about making our own. Of course, since we used raw sugar the jars aren’t very colorful – more like brownish orange but the taste of homemade marmalade certainly pleased everyone. For an early evening snack we enjoyed bread slathered in peanut butter and homemade marmalade.

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  1. claire says:

    I think its amazing being able to grow your own oranges! homemade jams are always nicer than bought. your weather sounds much like it is here, only it seems like its always like that here!

  2. gerry medland says:

    Hi Gang!
    The weather here this side of the pond is wet and windy also!Great you could make some marmalade,I made some last year which still gives me that va-voom taste!