All my life I’ve lived without many of the modern kitchen gadgets and gizmos. The most I had (way back when) was an electric blender and beater.    Did I feel deprived?  Um, hardly…especially now when you read the dangers of some of the modern day conveniences (like microwaves).  Not to mention that  the more things that plug in, the more those things are likely to wear out.   Ever hear of brilliant strategy called “Planned Obsolescence“?

Nowadays,  with the farm stand and front yard sitting areas, folks  have been asking for cups of hot coffee to sip and sit in the garden.   I have a stove top percolator but that doesn’t cut it when you have a ½ dozen ladies who want their cuppa and NOW!  Fortunately, for us, we ransacked a pile of boxes and found a second hand coffee machine (given to us FREE.)  If  I have to have a gadget that plugs into a socket, might as well use it for the community enjoyment (not to mention that it helps with the customer service!)   Anyhow, it does feel rather strange to push a button for brewing coffee.  But when you have more than a cup or two to do,  it sure comes in handy.     Ha! Does seem like a rather funny comment as  I am sitting at a computer writing this. But I am rather funny or old school about certain things.  “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”  is my mentality and “if it’s electrical it is bound to get broke!”  But, then again, I do have to change along with the times, I suppose.   Or do I? Sometimes I feel like Granny of the Beverly Hill Billies “onst” she comes across the gadgets in her new kitchen.   She gets rather peeved and rather rustle up a meal without them “new fangled”   kitchen with all sorts of gizmos like in the classic episode “Back To Californy.”

In our award winning short film, I prided that our homestead kitchen had only ONE plug in appliance – the energy efficient refrigerator.  Well,  there’s a coffee maker now and I am rather ambivalent about it and I wonder “what in sam hill” has the world come to.

Have to say, though, I’m not adverse to saving time.  I’m a true believer that Granny Was Right All Along!

Don’t you?

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  1. Ms. Jackie (of all trades) SpoolTeacher says:

    Great article and thanks for all the good links. There are times when modern conveniences seem unavoidable. We just have to keep re-inventing lo-tech. It’s a fun challenge, and still a great way to “progress” and “grow” our new ways.

  2. Chris V says:

    Anais, interesting post on so many perspectives … from us folks using the “electric coffee makers” striving to get to educate ourselves as “how to do make it happen the homestead ways”. It’s a strange bridge, but exciting as we can share so much with each other to strive come up higher. This is why it is so important that we stay connected to the past, yet moving forward to an exciting future with tying past life lessons from our ancestors combined with our own unique experiences/wisdom with “filtered” uses of modern technology and tempered assessment aka “plain common sense” to find middle ground and move forward … By the Grace of God!

  3. Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings says:

    Hey Anais, I know you’re a busy lady but if you get a chance, stop by the Carnival of Home Preserving on my blog every Friday and share one or two of your canning posts.

    The most recent edition – – open until Thursday 6/7.

  4. cara says:

    Have you ever heard or read the story of GE? They had a plan to make people want things that use electricity. Thay is why they started making appliances. Now fast foreward to today with appliances that never turn off. They are always drawing electricity at full power unless they are unplugged. They call it a “vampire load.” They tell us to conserve power and yet make and sell appliances that use more and more power even when not in use.
    I am a big fan of making tea water in a small pan or kettle. I don’t drink coffee but I use a plug in brewer when friends or family come and I unplug it after each use.

  5. Kelly the Kitchen Kop says:

    I have to admit I am a total ‘gadget girl’, I love my convenience appliances. But you’re so right in that it’s just one more thing to break or wear out.

    And this is sort-of related… As our four kids grow, I’ve gotten so I can’t STAND battery-operated toys that constantly need batteries replaced. Especially since they have just as much or *more* fun with toys that don’t take batteries.

    But in my kitchen… I still love my appliances! My Bosch helps me make a many batches of whatever it is all at once, so I can freeze some for later. My Nutrimill helps me have our own freshly ground flour. My food processor chops quickly to save me time in the kitchen. My blender makes us super nutrient-dense smoothies. My hot water tap makes morning coffee fast and simple. I’ll stop now!


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