Over the weekend we received another blessing from heaven.  A substantial storm dumped nearly 2 inches nudging a wee bit off the rainfall deficit that stands at ~8″  Justin rolled out the barrels catching as much rain as we could.   The rainy season window is closing fast and we are praying for another “Miracle March” before the long hot summer and fall months.

I can’t thanks those enough who have joined us in our praying for rain.   Also, a big thank you to those of you who braved the downpour on Sunday to support our “Front Porch Farm Stand.”   Pleasure meeting all the new faces!  Oh, and I know, y’all been inquiring about soil and more seedlings.  We are working on that, in between a ton of other stuff.  Hopefully we can get the extra space we need to expand this little homestead operation.

God willing, it won’t be the garden that will be getting a growth spurt this summer!

Swiss Chard!  I have so much to write about with all that’s going on.   More soon….


  1. Natalie, the Chickenblogger says:

    Happily, some of that same shower blew it’s way south, too.
    What a downpour! It was wonderful.

  2. Ginger says:

    Rain in the desert is tears of joy.

  3. Lordin says:

    I used to love growing tomeaots..until I realized the quality that you sell at Country Mercantile.. how big and beautiful and marvelous tasting..since then .I have thought to go back to growingIris my favorites are ones in the hues of brown We are getting a new house’ for us in a few months, before summer and I can’t wait to plant iris

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