The days are shorter and certainly wet (recent storm dumped over an 1″) and colder!  Much of the backyard garden is now white – not with snow but row covers.

The weather’s turned quite chilly in the morning and we are doing our best to fend off the cold – bundling up.   Thankfully we did have visitors on Sunday and we finally fired up the wood stove.   Hmmm, let me get this straight – visitors equals warmth?  Maybe I should call all my friends asking them over for tea or something?

Nah, it’s cold but not to the extent where “I can’t function and feel my fingers cold.”  We are used freezing our tootsies a bit and just didn’t want our visitors to feel uncomfortable like they were in an ice box when we are all bundled up (here are other ways we keep warm without central heat here on the urban homestead)

The front porch farm stand is now offering greens and salad so swing on by!   Spanky our tabby is the official farm stand greeter so make sure you pet and sweet talk him or he’ll be mighty insulted!

Peck of pickled peppers

Fall tomatoes

Fall colors

Front porch farms stand open for business Sun - Fri

Cat is not for sale!

Huge pineapple guavas

Herb butter for the front porch farm stand

Can I have s'more?

Certainly!  What would ya’ll like to read, see more about?  I know I haven’t done the ‘Weekly Meal Wrap Ups’ in quite sometime.  Just goes to shows that once you get out of routine tis hard to get back.   Heck, that’s one of the reasons we’ve never got around to writing a book – the blog and urban homestead would certainly suffer (we’ve heard/seen it happen with other authors)

Now, I can’t promise anything  but I will certainly try.


  1. Ginger says:

    Funny…..I read this as I looked out to snow on the ground. Anyway, I will stop by next time I’m in CA. Hopefully, you’ll have some great greens. Your peppers look beautiful.

    • Anais says:

      @Ginger: Looking forward to your next visit. Have a wonderful and joyous Thanksgiving.

  2. Chris says:

    Photos are gorgeous! You are a wonderful photographer. Love my 2010 and new 2011 calendars from the Homestead. I do miss the weekly meal wrap-ups ~ just love them, but understand you have certainly had your challenges. I wish I lived nearby to visit your front porch farmstand. Things are getting sparse here in New England. Off to read how you stay warm with no central heat!

    • Anais says:

      @Chris: Thanks and so glad you are enjoying the calendar. I hope to get back to those weekly meal wrap up. Have a lovely and wonderful Thanksgiving. Hugs from all

  3. Vegetable Garden Cook says:

    As always, gorgeous photos. 🙂

    • Anais says:

      @Vegetable Garden Cook: thanks!

  4. Michelle says:

    Your front porch farm stand is expanding! I told my friend about your place…she recently moved to Irvine and hopes to stop by sometime. I will be sure and tell her not to come by on Saturdays!

    I enjoy your weekly meal wrap ups…I’d also like to know how you made your herb butter…just some ideas of what to share. Oh…and more about the bees. I have been doing a bit of research on beekeeping and find them so intriguing. My husband is not in agreement about keeping them…he thinks they’ll attract the African bees. Any thoughts on that?

    • Anais says:

      @Michelle: Thanks for spreading the word. Herb butter is easy it’s just freshly cut herbs like chives and tarragon mixed into a soft stick of butter. As for bees, if not cared for properly they could become aggressive. The queen controls the hives so if you rear a gentle queen the hive will be calm too.

  5. Barbara Morgan says:

    Your website is wonderful and inspiring, a real delight.I am hoping to view your film “Home Grown” soon. Please would you tell me what you cover your crops with in the winter and how high it is placed above the soil. Also do you use shade cloth in the heat of summer? Many thanks from Barbara, QLD. Australia.

  6. valerie says:

    i was just wondering is the front porch stand at the house in pasadena? i can just walk up to the porch to buy veggies sun through friday?

    • Anais says:

      @valerie: Yes. We are open Sun-Fri 9 am – 5 pm (winter hours) We also send out a weekly list of produce that’s available so you might want to sign up for it at

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