Backyard, front yard and de-paved, mulched driveway

This morning Justin picked another 10 lbs of blackberries, including the 15 last week – which comes to 25 lbs of blackberry picked in a weeks time.   Amazing. The blackberry crisp I made yesterday was a hit.  We ate the blueberry muffins for breakfast with some strawberries and bananas (from our garden – yep even the bananas!) The muffins were perfect, the duck eggs made the moist with a “melt in your mouth” type consistency – no need for any butter.

The fog has socked us in pretty good this morning giving us a few hours of heavy mist/drizzle.

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  1. Cleo says:

    The yard looks beautiful! What kinds of blackberries do you have and how many? I just got done potting up some last minute blackberries I ordered. They’re staying there until I can get a raised bed built for them and the raspberries.

  2. gerry medland says:

    Your garden is an inspiration!It looks so peaceful and a haven to work in!Thanx for sharing with us,thanx for all your hard work in acheiving such a paradise!

  3. Nancy Kelly says:

    Thank you again for your daily inspiration. I tried blackberries once to no avail, I need to try again! Though Phoenix is definitely a harder climate than LA… And bananas! I love bananas, but every time I buy them, I think of the thousands of miles they have travelled…


  4. Nancy Kelly says:

    PS Any way you can get it where we could click on the photos to enlarge them?


  5. Joanne Poyourow says:

    Your garden is breathtakingly beautiful. The photos show the new areas so clearly, and you have made them over so nicely. I am enjoying following your travels. Jealous of your blackberries – they don’t seem to like me, but perhaps I should try them around one of those pottery crocks!

  6. Anais says:

    The type of blackberry is called “Tropical Blackberry” They aren’t found in any local nurseries that I know of. We happened to get a few from a nursery near San Diego.

  7. Anais says:

    Hi Nancy

    All the new yard photos can be found in the photo gallery at – click on “yard” and then “2006”

    Every yard picture from now on that I post, I hope to publish a larger image in the photo gallery.