“When we lose one blessing, another is often most unexpectedly given in its place”.  – C.S. Lewis

Happy Summer, Y’all!

Sorry, I’ve been MIA blogger for more than a week!  I have quite a good excuse or two… or three!  In fact, there are a lot of happenings here on the homestead.  Summer harvest, expansion plans, the farm stand and just life in general.     As we try to keep all the dishes spinning (and not grow too exhausted),  out of the blue, we received not one, but two “gifts ,” just at a time when we needed them most .   Thank you, friends, for your generosity and donating these items to us.   We are extremely grateful for your gifts and support.  What a wonderful blessing!

I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth and just wanted to touch base.  Hopefully, I can find spare time to post about all the homestead happenings.   Now, I’m off to deal with a counter top full of apples and peaches and eat a slice of apple pie for breakfast.

Oh, and if you are in area and would like to help our farm stand grow, if you or someone you know has an extra (energy efficient) refrigerator, we REALLY could use one.   Sis and I are busy hatching up some exciting plans.  Stay tuned!



  1. dheat says:

    I appreciate and enjoy your family and all you do. Nevertheless, I don’t enjoy reading with almost every post how busy you are. Review your posts to see the frequency with which you write this. It’s literarily tiresome.

    You don’t have to apologize for your absence or tell us you’ve been busy. You always tell us *how* you’ve been busy–what you’ve been up to. Your readers can figure out you’ve been busy.

    Constructive criticism only meant for your eyes and edification only. Please don’t post this comment.

    • Diane Bain says:

      reg dheat
      My goodness. Your panties are in a bunch over this?
      You must be in a bad mood.
      I hope it’s not a permanent condition.

      • Diane Bain says:

        What does “awaiting moderation” mean?
        I hope I haven’t trespassed on any rules of site etiquette.
        You have given me hours of visual pleasure and inspiration. Please keep up the good work.

        • Anais Dervaes says:

          No worries, thanks for comments 🙂

  2. Nebraska Dave says:

    Anais, yea, you’re back. I was really starting to get concerned that some had happened. Well, some did happen. Something good. I’m glad that you have been blessed with donations. My garden has been blessed with donations as well. It will be fun to hear about yours.

    It looks like you have expanded into an outdoor coffee shop with live walk on entertainment. I love it. I wish I lived closer to participate.

    Have a great day on the front porch.

  3. Chris V says:

    I’ll add an “Amen”! to Nebraska’s Dave’s post. I was concerned here as well, but understand the “busyness of the season” as it affects all of us where we are on this path. Just so very thankful to God and Mother Nature that you are flourishing AND can share your generous wisdom and experiences within your local community AND the rest of us folks as time allows .. Sending prayers and blessings your way .. always!

  4. Joyness Sparkles says:

    We too are very, very busy. I am so excited to hear your new plans when they are revealed! xoxoxoxox

  5. Marty Ware says:

    I just came across a video on Youtube and was so impressed by what I saw. It’s my belief that you are living many peoples dreams.
    I grow some food on my verandah in my Potted Vegetable Garden in Australia, but nowhere near as much as I would like. The landlord has a vacant block of land, so I am going to hit them up to use it. Wish me luck!
    Marty Ware

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