Plywood stage almost complete. Cleaning up the attic

We’re slowly and steadily working at putting the plywood up. The major “whole” pieces of plywood have been put up on both sides of the roof. Now it’s dealing with the eaves/gables and having to cut the plywood.  

With the exception of the electric circular saw, the plywood is being put in the ol’ fashion way – a simple hammer and (so far) about 20lbs of 3″ nails. No hissing thunka-thunk of an air powered hammer.   After a few hours of working on the roof, it was then time to cleaned attic of dropped nails and pieces of shake and asphalt shingles. As you can see by the photo the attic floor is covered in a thick layer of whitish gray substance. About 15 years ago the City of Pasadena offered an energy saving program to residents. The City came and insulated homes for free with a cellulose-based fiber. Pretty neat of Pasadena?

Thanks to Pasadena and the programs they’ve offered, we’ve been able to install 12 solar panels, a few free fruit trees, green power, savings on energy star appliances, electronics and energy efficient and water saving front load washing machine, a couple of composters, and the free insulation of our attic.

The two metal roof guys ended not coming on Monday as scheduled; instead, they are supposed to call us sometime today and tell us when they’ll be by. We haven’t received any calls yet… getting a bit impatient here. Really ridiculous because there are a lot less metal roofing contractor choices than “normal” roofing guys.

Lovely yarn

Thank you

Look what the postman brought? Some lovely Rowan yarns and kits, a gift from a reader and fellow traveler for Jordanne and me. Thank you

for your kindness.

Homemade medicine

Over the weekend I made a batch of Echinaceatincture ( next on the list is herbal salve ). Herbal tinctures and salves are especially good to have around since we have depended on herbs for health for many years now. In fact we’ve never taken even an aspirin.    Right now I am working towards making a complete herbal first aid kit.

In the garden …

Peaches are still coming in, the strawberry guavas are ripe. The strawberries are blooming again and producing another flush of strawberries. Peppers, lima beans and eggplants are pouring in. Like I said before, there were a couple failures in the vegetable department. Compared to all the year’s we’ve been keeping records, this has been the worst year by far for lemon cucumbers, squashes and tomatoes. Sadly, none gave us a bumper crop and we’ve lost thousands of dollars off our normal heirloom tomato harvest – ouch. Living off the land we’ve come to expect such downer years – but this one was a doozy.   There were some bright spots: the salad greens (better than ever), blueberries, figs, and lima beans (the limas keep coming… and coming)

Give a Hoot? Don’t Pollute

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Global Meltdown  {}

Scientists fear that global warming will bring climatic turbulence, with changes coming in big jumps rather than gradually
…”We used to think that it would take 10,000 years for melting at the surface of an ice sheet to penetrate down to the bottom. Now we know it doesn’t take 10,000 years; it takes 10 seconds.”
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Kew spreads climate change word   {BBCNews}

The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew has issued a “position paper” saying that man-made global warming is changing the outlook for plants and trees worldwide.
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Humans ‘causing stronger storms’     {BBCNews}

Increases in hurricane intensity are down to humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to new analysis.
Scientists calculate that two-thirds of the recent rise in sea temperatures, thought to fuel hurricanes, is down to anthropogenic emissions.Research published last year found there had been a sharp rise in the incidence of category 4 and 5 storms – the strongest – in recent decades.
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