Tomatoes are looking up!

June gloom still lingers in the morning, clearing out by afternoon, then rolling back again in the early evening.   Helps keep the temperatures down and gives us SoCal-ers a brief respite before the brutal heat in July & August.  The tomatoes in the self-watering containers keep growing taller and taller and taller(no, Justin is NOT sitting down!!!)

In the garden we are harvesting garlic (which I braided the other day), cucumbers, onions, salad greens, beans, peppers, basil, strawberries and still a few blackberries. Last night we “drowned our sorrows”  with some “comfort food” enjoying homemade pound cake (with duck eggs) topped with fresh strawberries.

The drought tolerant and low maintenance “Buffalo Grass” in front yard pathway is looking good. This is the time of year (June – Aug) the garden is at its peak. Each day the yard is like a ever-changing kaleidoscope, as certain flowers bloom or vegetables ripen.    Justin planted  a “token” bed of corn. With our small space and the amount of time that it takes, we figure that it’s cheaper to buy organic corn from local growers. We need  the space for other, more productive crops. 

From looking at our past records, we notice the garden is a couple weeks behind “normal.”  

For a few weeks during Dec & Feb, planting was put on hold  having to travel and visit ill relatives (& new job) we’ve still yet to recover completely.  It feels somehow that our rhythm/timing is off and it’s a bit unsettling; however, we are slowly capturing the momentum back– it’s coming together.   We often think that this year we bit of more than we can chew in terms of taking on new challenges (seems like every year we say that? *grin*). 

We feel an urgency to keep plowing further ahead, thinking if we just worked longer and harder – but that isn’t necessarily the case.    It’s hard to turn down new opportunities and it wouldn’t be so bad if we hadn’t the many “unfinished” projects that keep weighing us down, making it harder to advance to another leg in our journey.   

Speaking of unfinished projects, the back deck is still unfinished awaiting help (every carpenter that we know that could help is busy with other jobs!) It’s definitely put a crimp on our forward progress – one being the handwasher and wringer (which still sits in a box unassembled).

Ray (the cobber) should be coming by on Friday, bringing more clay, sand and giving us further instructions. Hopefully, the oven will be ready soon because everyone is salivating over the celebratory pizza party.

A friend that we hadn’t seen in awhile stopped by last night to pick up some salad, bringing with her bad news about her health and that of a close of hers who friend just passed away from cancer. She is getting serious and changing her diet – cutting out all meat and diary products.   Another friend of ours also was recently diagnosed with cancer and she has still go through chemo.  It’s scary but believe in certain cases it’s a beatable disease.

BTW: The LA area experienced another earthquake today, making two measurable ones this week. Too much shaking for me!

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  1. dragonfly183 says:

    You know, my dad grows organic tomatoes every year, and i don’t think i have ever seen them get as tall as your are . . . and he has quite a green thumb himself.

  2. Anais says:

    We are trying to figure out if this growth spurt has anything to do with the either the rock dust or em bokashi. Stay tuned!

  3. kim says:

    those cannot be tomatoes! GET OUT OF HERE!