Being the change by sowing a homegrown revolution

It’s been six years since the PTF Journal started breaking new ground.   Six years, how short and long it feels at the same time.   It’s been quite a journey and we are blessed that we’ve been able to share and inspire fellow travelers and pioneers.

Over 6 years ago a quiet homegrown revolution had taken place, instead of dreaming of acres in the country and being self sufficient why not do what we can with what we had where we were. Sure the task seemed a formidable one, but we had a head start and instead of focusing on the problems the we took it one step at a time to become part of the solution.

Of course the seeds to this revolution where sown over 30 years ago when Jules immigrated toNew Zealand with the first 13 issues of Mother Earth and started his own homestead in a rural Southwest island. And now here we are….

For our new readers out there. Welcome.  You can follow our path by visiting thePhoto GalleryVideo Clips here and hereArticle Library Article Library andFacts & Statspage of some of the steps taken in our journey towards a sustainable present and future.

We thank our valued readers for theirsupport over the years (especially this year as we shoot towardsGrowing The Future)   Your donations will help bring about some new improvements and features to the website.

This week stay tuned for some “flashback” photos. Should be fun.See you along the path…

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  1. gerry medland says:

    for the past and present outstanding record of PTF,I thank you all.For me as I end year 3 and think about year 4,I am so grateful to walk the path,the change in my life is beyond price in every way,every step fired by your example,yes there are moments when the next step is shaky but it is the working through and coming out the other side of the problem that counts for so much achievment.It takes courage to tear down a lifetime of wrong consumer driven thinking,to work next to nature is mankinds finest occupation.
    gerry m

  2. littlejennywren says:

    happy journal birthday. I treasure all the wonderful information and inspiration you so freely give. Thank you.

  3. Clare says:

    Congrats to all of you! Thank you for sharing your incredible journey with the world.