PTF lends a helping hand

Two Years

It’s been two years now since PTF made the journey to hurricane ravaged New Orleans to help out family and friends. You can read about our memorable train trip and our lending a helping hand visit here,view some photos of post Katrina New Orleanshere

Having known the city of NOLA before the devastating floods and to see it after was truly shocking. Pictures and news reports and even our written experience pales in comparison to first hand, on the ground witness to this catastrophe.   With the recent fires storms sweeping the Southland one fears this just the start of even more nature disasters due to climate change. In our recounting our journey two years ago we ended with the question

Are We Ready or Not

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  1. Florenc says:

    We are going to see more and more of mass evacuations as the effects of climate change become stronger and stronger. You asked a good question–Are we ready? On the whole, no, most of us are not ready. Personally, we are getting ready as fast as we can. 6 years ago we bought 4 acres; we’ve built our house and started our garden; we’re planting fruit and nut trees; much,much more needs to be done–solar panels, water well, animals. DH has plans for bees. I know how to sew but not knit or crochet. I know how to cook but not can or preserve. Much to do and time is running out.

  2. David says:

    At our community garden I recently met a guy who had to relocate near family by Rosemead, as a result of Katrina. He’s remaking his life w/ his family in Alhambra now, as his home & community was destroyed by the hurricane. But it didn’t destroy his love of working the soil & land that his father instilled in him :).

    Great to hear your story & adventure of assistance in Louisiana.