Well FI-NAL-LY! The category issue on the blog has been fixed.  If you didn’t notice the category issues — great! — I won’t have to feel like such a dope; at least to you of course.  For those of you who did notice, sorry for any frustration you might have felt.  Rest assured, the frustration was compounded in me a thousand percent.  I may have or may have not binged on a couple extra cups of coffee and chocolate during this time.  And  I may have or may have not even sobbed a little.

Anyhow, since all that is all done and finished with, let me take you on a mini tour around the blog and point out where some of your favorite features ended up.

Here’s a clip of the front page.

The Homepage

Under our friendly welcome goat is the link to the yearly / monthly archive, shown here:

This is where you’ll find all posts ever written on our journal under nifty month and year headings.    There’s over 2,700 posts since 2001 so there’s a lot to look through.    If you’ve accessed this page before the improvements, the first new thing you may notice is that it’s paginated.   The old version of this page displayed all the posts in one page load and this format put a strain on the database so I had to paginate it to help out our server a little.

You can find the link to this archive page on the subpages of this blog as well.  It’s on the right hand side, under the heading “Archives” as shown in the screencap below (or to the right of your screen! Go on look —> )

Now as we return to the homepage, I want to point out the link to that will take you the blog posts in chronological order.    You’ll find it under the chicken (do you see a pattern here?)

This link will take you to the book-like format of our posts – or for those who are old in internet years – back to how blogs used display to back in those days; circa mid-90s and before the online magazine-type themes everyone is adopting these days (yes, even us).   Although I find the magazine format better for us to keep track of things layouts and are great for better distribution of content., I’m aware that sometimes readers just want to read the entries in order.

Not to worry, I won’t go so far back in internet years to to the flashing, headache-inducing animated GIFs and blue-text-on-black-background  that the early-adopters of websites seemed to inevitably use (And yes… I was guilty of using those fancy-dancy GIFs .  Although I thankfully had more taste than to use retina-searing color schemes…)

If you’re on the subpages of the Blog, you can access this link above the category navigation right below the fun cartoon illustration:

In addition, make sure you take a look at the sidebar of all subpages.  Some new features and links have been added so be sure to check them out.  And finally, you’ll see one of our new features (in beta stage) at the bottom of the pages.  This new addition feeds our networks in  so you can see all the new how-to and informational posts that some of us write on there (along with some guest posters).  Those sites are still being developed so they will be growing in leaps and bounds as soon as we get things organized here.

So, that’s a mini tour of the new site upgrades.  I will be adding in more and doing better organization on the categories.  But at least the links work and I can sleep now… 🙂  For maybe an extra hour or two before I need to tackle the next thing on my to-do list notebook.

Oh, and one more thing. If you have noticed the site slowing down and then going offline from time to time, just wait a few minutes and refresh.  The server should reboot and you should be able to surf away.    We’re getting a DDOS attack that is an  intentional effort to bring our sites down.  The internet is not a pretty place and it often feels like a 21st century “Wild West.”      Our recent first DDOS attack came the night we announced our record setting 7,000 lb 2010 harvest.   The little conspiracy theorist side of my brain whispered “hmmm… could it be the big ‘M'” or perhaps some other entity that didn’t like our Food Freedom which proves you don’t need a lot of land, chemicals or GM seeds to feed people.

The other recent time came during the media frenzy over the infamous Wikileaks site and I humorously commented on my Facebook page that the government, et. al, or whoever, had the wrong IP address.  Of course, during times like that, we find humor where we can.

Anyhow, we receive a lot of emails every day.  Most are people searching for the Urban Homesteading lifestyle and have questions, others are very touching and heart-warming but there’s always a gem or two in the bunch.    Like this brilliant beauty sent anonymously of course and through a webform:

It will be cheaper for you to shut down your own website then for a bunch of hackers to do it for you.

Just pull the plug on your current online operations, regroup …. salvage all you can. Shut down your website or we will do it for you.

Listen to me, you know i’m right

As long time readers of our site know, we don’t usually share things like this but we just wanted to let our readers know what’s going on when they try to access the site and have issues with it loading.

I hope you all enjoy the new changes to the site.  Let me know if it was all worth the stress. 🙂   I will continue to optimize things for faster loading and make your browsing / reading experience better (such as a reorganization and simplifying of the categories).   I know some people might think that this site is graphics “heavy” and “too polished” for a site of its nature but I feel I would deny who I really am if I didn’t make the things I create as beautiful and as well-done as I can.  It’s like cutting off a bit of my own mind. 

If you have any ideas for improvement, let me know.  If you have any issue with anything, let me know as well and I’ll see if I can remedy it.  Just be sure to provide as much details as possible and some important information such your browser, browser version, OS software, screen resolution, and whatever else you think might be important.



  1. Mike says:

    thx 4 the update!

  2. Michelle says:

    Thank you so much for all your hard work. I had almost given up visiting your site because of the issues you just shared about. I had no idea they were the result of attacks! Don’t let ’em get you down. I am thrilled to be able to simply read the blog posts in chronological order and occasionally search within the blog by category/topic. I’ll be doing a lot of clickin’ the chicken. 🙂 You’re the best!

  3. Jeni Vandall says:

    Don’t some people just boggle your mind with their actions?

    Keep doing what you and your family are doing!

    You guys inspire my husband and I every day to live a more simpler life so thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! Over the two years that I have been reading your blog I have learned something new with each and every post!

    Ms. Clemmy Jr. says hello and that she has started laying eggs:)

  4. Tim says:

    I can’t believe you’re being persecuted simply for being farmers who care about food safety. Unbelievable. We’ll be praying for you.

    On a positive note: your website is an awesome testimony to your pioneering “can-do” attitude. Who would have thought that a small family could not only design an amazing urban farm, but also design an equally amazing website to show the world what they’re up to?

    Thanks for reminding us we can do anything we set our minds to, even in the face of opposition.

  5. elaine nieves says:

    Keep up the good work on your informative and inspiring website. I love to see daily what is going on at the homestead. I also love the photos. Thanks for all your hard work in reorganizing your blog. You have a truely inspirational site for those of us that aspire to be urban farmers.

  6. Nebraska Dave says:

    Jordanne, thank you so much for your continued effort to overcome the adversity that seems to plague anyone who has success. It says something about the character of you and your family. Not only do you homestead in the city but your family has the homesteader never give up mentality. It’s one of the unspoken things that come out of all the posting that your family members do. You all are so quick to share any and all information about the Urban Homestead and your ten year archive of blog posts are a testimony to your chosen lifestyle.

    Thank you so much for documenting your simple lifestyle journey for all of us to receive the benefits from it.

    • Mitzy says:

      Amen, brother! Could not have said it better myself and those are my thoughts exactly.

  7. Nicki - the Netherlands - Europe says:

    I discovered youw webside a couple of months ago. I find it really inspiring. Thank you for that. And please, keep up this good work.

    wish you well.

  8. Barb on the Central Coast says:

    I have been lurking on your blog for months now but have never left a comment, although there have been so many times I should have at least said thank you for the wonderful pics and information you guys share. But today I realized just how much work this website is. Thank you so very much for all your effort! I learn so much! And you inspire me in so many areas of my life! I realize how much I would miss it if you [understandably] did not want to add this chore to your already busy days. So let me just say, your generosity in sharing your lives with us is really, truly appreciated.

  9. Daniel says:

    Check out Cloudflare at to help protect your site against attacks in general. While it does not specifically prevent or handle a DDOS it can help block the IPs they are coming from. It also helps speed up the site in general.


    • Anais Dervaes says:

      Thanks Daniel for the tip 🙂

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