It’s not even lunch yet and it’s a four post morning (my favorite entry from this morning is Fairlight peeking her head out – makes me laugh every time) !

And don’t forget to check out this post about a recent threat to local food securityThis is a MUST READ!

Definitely a lot happening these days and I am doing my best to keep ya’ll up to date.

There’s lots of news from the homefront….

Freedom Seeds

Our new-born seed company, which has been online for a little over a week, has been SSL approved!  It took a few days to go through the set up and confirmation process, but we are all set!  Now can use your credit card with peace of mind.

On the seed front…

We waited and waited and waited.  One arrival date on this back order was missed so that caused things to get really tense around here because we pride ourselves with processing your orders right away.

But the wait was well worth it!  The five color silverbeet has finally arrived!

This variety of silverbeet is truer to “five colors” and comes in a spectacular range of colors throughout the entire season. Midribs of red, orange, yellow, pink or white make this a stunning plant for any flower or vegetable garden. Not to mention certified organic

Good News! All those orders who have been in queue because of the five color sliverbeet have FINALLY been sent out.  Thank you for your patience – and you all got a little something extra to show our appreciation!

Don’t forget we established not as just another seed source but as a cause.

When you buy seeds thru us, you are in essence financing for the benefits of the  social network at or your morning fix here at Little Homestead in the City.

We chose to work for your support by starting this latest venture, however,  if you don’t need ANY seeds, you can then donate directly.

Feel free to use this nifty little icon on your site to support our seed sowing efforts!  (remember to “save as” onto your computer)

Thanks and happy sowing.


  1. Alice says:

    You still are speedy with processing the seed orders. I first got an e-mail from you telling me you were waiting for seeds then yesterday I got a call from you because I have a strange address. I was sitting here in -30 weather wishing for spring when you called. I just hope winter is going to leave and there will be bare ground here soon so I can plant seeds. I do have some tomato plants in the house and some peppers are sprouting.
    Thank you for your great work.

  2. Susanna says:

    I also got an email because my address is unusual, and STILL received my seeds just days after I faxed my order…I’m so impressed with the speed and quality of service, and it’s SO worth the few extra pennies per seed packet to know I’m helping support this site to help support us. I didn’t know there were people who felt like I did, and had started doing something about it, until I stumbled across this website after googling “voluntary simplicity”. I’ve been hooked ever since!

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