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This was a first for a few us urban homesteader and yesterday’s program was even a first live on location for the station!   The host, Dr Albrecht, did a wonderful job to paint a living picture for all the listeners.   The segment will be archived indefinitely so if you weren’t able to catch WTPRN live broadcast from the urban homestead you can catch ithere

We apologize for the short notice; however, we also had short notice. We received a call from the host about 13 hours before the show aired live the next morning.

One of our readers requested a photo of the living room so I will soon post photos.    I haven’t actually had time to listen to the segment, having only caught snippets here and there.   Before I post I’ll have to get a run down of her descriptions of the home and urban homestead so I can go to the locations she described and post a complimentary photo.

To answer another of our reader’s wondering if “Justin is shy?” Yeah, he’s just a little. However, he’s not averse to answering questions and once you get him going he loves to talk about growing, biodiesel and more. But the trouble is, like with the radio show yesterday, there’s so many people to talk with and so much to cover that oftentimes they just run out of time.

What I heard most of the broadcast was about the citified animals and how she describe how clean the animals were and how she went on about smelling the goats. I think when she pointed out about the urban homestead’s animals vs even organic farm animals really sums up what PTF is about. It’s about dispelling the misconceptions. Misconceptions that one needs large parcels of land to grow food, about raising animals (there’s no need for smell or dirty conditions) and about quality of life.   We are tending this small patch of earth, keeping the animals — small is indeed beautiful.

:: Field Hand Appreciation :: MBT $300 (I’m suspecting a fellow kiwi?), JM $100 (Happy trails and safe journey!) LC $30 (We love the little town of Seffner! I remember when we lived in San Antonio my father looked at place in Seffner to set up a private school ) donation towards growing PTF’s future.

The ‘Chip In’ donation widget has ended for the year (140 contributors / raising 78% of goal). A most grateful and humbled thank you to all those who contributed to the‘Grow the Future’ fund this year. Because of your generous support, we have been able to make necessary improvements to the PTF and now soon affiliate sites. To be able to expand and grow it’s truly exciting time for all of us and are blessed that we are able to share this growth with all our readers.

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  1. Mia says:

    I listened to the first hour of the show last night. It was great and I can’t wait until I get the chance to take in the second hour. Looking forward to pics of the house as well!

  2. Lee says:

    Wow 78% of the goal is really great, wasn’t sure it would get that high. Seffner a nice place, not very walkable, but, its still more rural then most of the sprawling Tampa area. There is also a lot of smaller scale agriculture around here which is really nice to see.

    I caught some of the radio show live and I’m going back to listen to the first hour now, it was a great show!

  3. Wildside says:

    Thank you for the link to your radio sow! I couldn’t get the listening in part to work until the third or fourth try. Glad I came back to try again.

  4. LaVonne says:

    Great show!