We first built our outdoor solar shower back in 2003 to save energy and to reclaim greywater for irrigated the surrounding edibles. Through the years the outdoor solar shower has gone through a few improvements and everyone enjoys using the facility during the warm weather months.

This week, another outdoor bathing (or showering I should say) facility is being erected here on the urban homestead. This one is situated in our “citrus grove” and will also be a trellis structure for climbing vegetables. What a luxury, the urban homestead now has two showers! Yet another simple and practical solution for low impact living and irrigation practices. That’s how we like to do things here on the urban homestead – keep it simple.

Ladders and lodgepoles lean up against the block fence

In goes the first pole! Justin and Jules start work

Justin, now in possession of the camera (oh, dear!), snaps a photo of me harvesting dinner (I just harvested a zucchini)  Farmer D ‘s the the background looking over the afternoon’s work on the shower/trellis structure.

Here’s where the zucchini ended up. Joining a few other homegrown goodies to top a homemade homegrown herb pizza crust.

On a different subject. The shirt that I am wearing is about as old as I am. Honest. It has been passed down three generations. Talk about second (third) hand! Unlike clothes to today, it’s not disintegrated on me yet and that’s how our family saves money. We are able to live frugally and yet well. Oh, and the pants – they are hand me downs from a friend.

Since it was a busy day on the urban homestead with all sorts of projects going on, Jordanne treated everyone to some delicious homemade sun baked cookies in Sport Solar Oven

Energy Note

Solar Update: Our solar panels have passed the 8,000 mark!

Shine on!


  1. anajz says:

    Great post! Is the solar cooker in your photo the same as what is for sale in your store?

  2. David says:

    Love the pics/descriptions of the flora & projects as always. Thats a cuke Justin caught you holding already Anais!!! My poinsetta spanish are late no doubt. Such green digits you all are :).

    Curious bout those brick colored barrels next to solar cooker. Are they rain barrels or repurposed plastic barrels used as storage/ water holding tanks? As always exciting site & keep on gardening the Planet :).

    Community gardener, David in San Gabriel Valley

  3. Stacy says:

    Isn’t it amazing how long tops can last? I’m always digging through a huge drawer of shirts, but scrambling for the clean pair of (never seemingly plentiful enough) pants!

    Like David, I’m also curious about the barrels. Mostly because we’re in the process of designing a simple grey water system including a solar powered distiller (basic design by Steven Harris – Sunlight to Dollars ) to allow us to use the water in more applications, so components like barrels are on the brain. 😉

  4. jane says:

    I am curious about the solar cooker, is it the sport or global version, or neither? Wanting to get one but don’t see the glass top on either one … thanks!
    BTW – keep up the awesome work. Live in South Florida and keep forwarding site to everyone!

  5. Leslie-La Mama Naturale says:

    Wow! I’m green with envy!!! *laughs* All the pictures are lovely. The food shots look scrumptious especially the blueberry pancakes. And solar baked oven cookies…that’s one I definitely need to try. I just received an apron on my son’s birthday that belong to my great grandmom’s mother! It’s really cute. I’m always so motivated after reading your posts…
    Have a great wknd.

  6. luvnschooln says:


    Could you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE post your herb pizza crust recipe? I’d appreciate it!!

  7. Michelle says:

    Speaking of posting recipes, can you post your wheat tortilla recipe? I’m thinking about getting your sport solar oven. What is the difference between the two of them that you have for sale?

  8. Michelle says:

    Michelle again – what do you call the square wire trellis panels and where would you get them. Thanks for all the inspiring work you do!

  9. Anais says:

    Thanks for everyone’s comments. Glad you enjoy the photos

    Anajz – yes, it’s the one in the same Solar Oven we sell on the Peddlers Wagon. There’s a direct link to the product under the photo in the description

    David – That cuke happens to be a zuke! No cucumbers just yet… The food storage barrels are used for a variety of purposes here on the urban homestead – they make excellent rainbarrel and storage for all the extra soil/compost we have.

    Jane – the solar oven is the SPORT SOLAR OVEN (you can find the direct link under the photo)

    Leslie-La Mama Naturale – Thanks for your positive comments we appreciate it!

    luvnschooln & Michelle – We have posted a number of recipes on the website over the years. You can search for the recipes on by using the search feature on the upper right-hand corner. Or check the category “In the Kitchen” and sub-category “Recipe Box.”

    Because of the need to offset the increased costs of hosting the site and provide a return for all the time the family invests in creating useful, inspirational content, we have plans to compile their recipes in a book to sell as a way to raise funds for the website and other outreach projects. Thus, new recipes are not being given out until the book can be written and published some time in the future. Thank you for your understanding.

    Michelle – As for the sun ovens. The Sport Solar Oven is lightweight and made from mostly recycled materials. The interior of the Sport Solar Oven is more “roomier” than the Global Sun Oven. The Global Sun oven can fit one 3 qt pot, while the Sport Solar Oven can fit two 3 qt pots, a cookie tray and even a 9 x 13″ casserole pan

  10. Carol Noe says:

    Looking for some recycled food or juice barrels to cut in half and use as raised beds. Did this when I lived in WA state where I got the barrels from the apple juice processers. Cannot dig up the yard where I live, but am allowed to use all the planters I want.( reasoning?) Has been several years since I have been able to have a self sustaining organic veggie garden and am excited to get started again and get things going so I am rready for spring. JUST HAPPENED ACROSS YOU WEB SITE AND REALLY ENJOY IT.

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