Earth Day celebrations are coming up and that means PTF will once again be tabling and exhibiting at quite a few local events.

There are a few things on our shopping list this year and your support is needed to help us help and inspire others. With the launch of our new web project/community (coming soon!) and upcoming outreach events have increased our financial expenses that are required maintain and continue this on-growing effort.

Consider supporting our continuing outreach efforts this year with a tax deductible donation.

Printing: $600 (handouts and posters)
Tabletop Panel, Folding Display $400
Printed T Shirts (for volunteers and PTF staff) $300

Total: $1,300

Thank you for your support!

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  1. gerry medland says:

    Your work is without parallel in respect of the planet,our changing attitudes and your unselfish direction!I can only repeat how much for the better my life has become since discovering PTF back in 2003.Thank you all for your continued inspiration!
    blessings from my side of the pond!

  2. Kym Carkhuff Helwig says:

    Do you sell your t-shirts? I would love to support you by buying one, and wearing it to spread the word about the wonderful things you do!

  3. Roger Nehring says:

    I have just recently found your site and I am so very impressed by your work, I am also impressed and a bit envious that you are working so closely as a family. We are transitioning between jobs at this time but hope to chip in for you in the future. One suggestion and I hope it doesn’t seem trite, a little more smiling would help to communicate to the casual reader or surfer that this is not such a grim life.

  4. emilyB says:

    Hiya I would buy a Tshirt too (as kym asked) Do you sell them? I haven’t seen them in the pedlar’s wagon, but there is just so many goodies in there I may have missed it.

  5. Charley says:

    Kym and Emily,

    Men’s t shirts:

    Women’s t shirts:

    I was lucky enough to receive one of the men’s tees a while ago as a gift. Very good quality and comfortable. Looks the part working in the vegetable garden too.


  6. Anonymous Coward says:

    BTW, I have allocated a bit for you from my rebate check from the Govt. You’ll probably put it to better use than any retail outlet that I am expected to give the money to. In fact I am donating much of my rebate check to various organizations that have impacted my thinking and lifestyle.

  7. Anais says:

    Thanks for the comments all.

    Charley, thanks for helping direct readers to the PTF t-shirts!

    Roger, no offense taken. Suggestions and reader input is always helpful.

    Are you referring to the photo of our family with Jordanne holding the chicken, Justin the pitch fork, Me the basket of homegrown goodies and Jules the pumpkin?

    If so, this one was taken for the German Newspaper FAZ (the equivalent of the NY Times here America)

    The photographer had us pile in his car with stuff we liked/used here on the urban homestead and drove us to downtown LA. He positioned us standing over and overpass in front of the LA skyline and requested that we “LOOK MAD!” Of course, we had a hard time looking mad so the photo came out looking as if we were indifferent.

    Or if you are referring the one I snapped of my sister (above) I caught her unawares! She wasn’t prepared and didn’t have a chance to smile… although I do suspect a slight smile at the corners of her mouth!

    And also to be honest, we aren’t camera folks. We are quite uncomfortable in front of a camera… if you can believe that. It took us years to finally put photos of ourselves online. But due to increasing inquires from readers finally put up photos of our family!

    As for other personal photos throughout the site, I hope you find us smiling and enjoying our self sufficiency journey.

    Thanks again. Hope I made sense!


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