Wintr, that is.  Yesterday, we were baking under a hot sun with temperatures in the 80’s and slightly dry Sana Anna wind.  Towards evening, you could feel the shift in the wind (funny how you sense the smallest change). Waking up this morning, I found it  cool and cloudy!  By afternoon it was raining – pouring, coming down in buckets.  Whoop de do.  So far, since this afternoon (Thursday) we’ve gotten over ONE INCH and it’s still coming down nice and heavy.  So wonderful to hear the rain pattering off the roof.  Nice lullaby to go to bed.

(Weather Update FRI AM) It rained steadily ALL night.  Justin has yet to check the rain gauge but I am guessing another 3/4 inches.  That’s about 1 3/4 inches since yesterday afternoon.

Forecasters say more rain today and into Saturday.


While the garden and people (with gardens) are happy for this recent blessings from the sky,  Fairlight and Blackberry are, well not to happy, wondering why their human masters can’t stop the wet stuff from falling.  Goats hate rain.  I mean hate with a capital H and they make sure you know that they are displeased with the weather.

In other news, we received word that a seed company will donate some bee & butterfly attracting flowers for the Feb 22nd Film & Food event.  So if you are coming to the event you may get to take home some wildflowers!   It’s always good to plant a beneficial border near your vegetable garden. Not only are wildflowers beautiful but they attract beneficial pollinators.

This week  we made a bunch of soil blocks and planted our first tomatoes of the year.  Justin remarked that no matter how early he plants tomatoes they seem to produce the same time as the later sowing.

Here are a few pictures taken in the garden when it was nice and sunny…. now it’s all soggy!

Soil blocks in the green house

Self sown, or volunteer, purple goosefoot

Blossoming low chill Anna Apples

Lacey snow peas wind up the trellis

Winter salad greens bask under the warm sunshine

It’s MATER time.  Look at all those varieties.  Someone (I wonder who) is a tomato addict.


  1. Darren (Green Change) says:

    I bought one of those soil blockers from you guys, and I love it! Funny, we’re still planting tomatoes here in Australia for the end of our season.

  2. Rachel says:

    Where do you get those wonderful metal trellises that your peas, beans, and other climbers grow on and do the peas do ok on them without additional netting or twine?

    Many thanks for all of the wonderful inspiration and information,


  3. oohoo says:

    Hi, Anais.
    Your pictures are wonderful!!!
    Please post the formula for the mixture you use to make the soil blocks – I can not find the post from last year with the information. I have the block maker and would like to start seeds soon.
    Thanks so much! Keep up the good work…it is so inspiring!

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