I’ve heard newborn babies wailin’ like a mournin’ doveAnd old men with broken teeth stranded without love.Do I understand your question, man, is it hopeless and forlorn? ~ Bob Dylan, Shelter from the Storm~

Flood, destruction, death, desolation, looting, caring, compassion, rescues
— the last week we have seen both the best and worse of human nature during
times of crisis.

We still haven’t heard from a few folks living in NOLA. We pray and hope that they evacuated and just can’t get in contact with anyone at this point. Although a cousin and a friend evacuated Gulfport (which received the brunt of this massive storm) we can only assume they both lost everything. This is the same cousin who sought safety by climbing a tree during hurricane Camille as she watched all her furniture float by. The majority of our relatives in New Orleans are not sure if their homes have been spared.   And with the current situation we will not know for some time. But they have their lives– which is more than some who did not escape Katrina’s wrath.

This tragedy cannot be put into words because there are so many emotions (sadness, anger, frustration and so much more) that come with witnessing this unprecedented catastrophe.    Watching the scenes from the news is truly heartbreaking; it’s hard to make sense of what is truly happening during this fateful week.   What’s equally saddening is to witness the “blame game,” while people are still suffering from this storm and will be for many, many months and years to come. Could such a tragedy have been avoided?  

All sorts of hidden problems that weren’t dealt with and swept under the rug accumulated over time. When  all the “ingredients” were mixed together, waiting for the “perfect storm,” it became a vicious and deadly stew of destruction.   To understand a bit more of the delicate eco system that has been tampered with and this very same scenario that was predicted, check out a PBS segment. This disaster of biblical proportions was forecasted; unfortunately, warnings weren’t heeded in time. Considering the fact that human nature hasn’t changed much for eons, how many prophetic warnings today are being given but are also being ignored? It’s our nature to dismiss doomsday scenarios. Who could have ever imagined the scenes of death and destruction. that jolted us last Tuesday morning?

Life continues on as normal here. We are safe and have a home.  But for many it will be years before they ever get back to normal. If you would like to help these victims and refugees, there are many sites on the internet that you can donate to.

E-Neighbor is back!

Now for some minor obstacles that we’ve been dealing with. For those of you who were trying to post on PTF E-Neighborhood for the past few days, it seemed that our message board was under attack by something causing the message board to register SQL errors for our community. We are happy to report the problem has been remedied and all the messages are still there!