Shelf life of used kitchen oils?

Q. This is a great site and I have throughly enjoyed it. The process seems very workable for me. One question though, how long can you hold used kitchen oils before processing them using your systems? What is the shelf life of used grease?

Houston, Tx

A. If using the oil for eating oils can be stored up to 1 – 1/2 years (cool, dry place). But, if using it for fuel I don’t think it would be a problem

One guy says:

“One day in 1992, eleven years later, I found a box with six one half gallon bottles collecting dust under a shelf. Upon opening one of the bottles and expecting it to be rancid, it tasted as fresh as the day it was packed. I was utterly amazed, to say the least! Concerning the olive oil….I still have 6 gallons left that I purchased in 1981 – seventeen years later! I opened one of the gallons two months ago. It was still very useable according to the tastebuds of all who tried it. ”

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