PTF was out and about once again on Saturday for Pasadena’a Greening the Earth Day celebration at Memorial Park Thanks to those who stopped by our booth – nice to meet ya’ll!

Like to especially thank a few people: Janice thank you for the wonderful gift of homegrown tangerines. Laurie, we look forward to your plums (hope those adorable dogs found a home!) Craig – thanks for the gorgeous loaf of organic bread. Sarah, thanks for dropping by our booth – glad you got inspired to start your own garden. Way to grow girl! Remember, we asked for pictures! What a wonderful blessing to have such great folks!

Thanks again to the City of Pasadena and all those who worked on putting together this event.

After such a productive day, it was time once again for our monthly social gathering. Once again thank you all for bringing such great food and drinks. Also the music (courtesy of Jordanne, David and Sascha) was, as always, such a treat (thanks David for lugging your keyboard around the block!) Nice to see some of our old friends drop by (hey Jamie, long time no see) .

It’s all out community and making fun happen right in your own backyard.

April 21-27 TV Turn Off week – encouraging folks to get a life. Center for ScreenTime Awareness is launching: A Lifestyle for the 21st Century, a campaign to reduce screen-time and encourage real experiences with real people in real time.

Readers, care to share how you are reducing your TV exposure and creating community in your neighborhoods (hosting potlucks, etc)

Pull the plug, make life happen.

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  1. ValP says:

    I love your garage doors! Did you all make them?

  2. Ginny says:

    Well, it looks like you all had a good time! 😀 We unplugged and rid ourselves of the TV more than ten years ago and it has been wonderful!

    On another subject, I am planning on growing some grains this summer (amaranth, quinoa, sorghum, millet, and corn) and was wondering if you all have any experience with it, specifically quinoa. All I can find on it is information about commercial growing (with large equipment) or nutritional/historical info.

    I want to grow the grains for us and for the chickens.


    In Christ,


  3. Ken Kunst says:

    Great topic…Yes, we rid ourselves of cable, so we not only save on the monthly charge, but because the Napa Valley has terrible reception, we can’t get any “regular” tv channels! Now the tv is used for movies only. My kids are not complaining either. We’ve started powering down on the weekends after dinner, and we’ve been given approval to begin a nieghborhood garden in an empty lot a couple doors down our street! Feels really good, and it is starting to energize folks around here. Already, a neighbor brought up the idea of a block party to close off the busy street for a day, and throw a pot-luck! It’s so true, how planting small seeds of thought, (and seeds too!) and doing things little by little, results in some amazing things. It’s all about reclaiming our Lives! Viva la Quiet Revolution!!

  4. Susan says:

    Oooh, turning off the TV is a hard one. Especially after a hard day of work when it’s so easy to plop on the couch and veg out instead of doing something productive. Actually I knit while I watch TV so it’s not entirely unproductive. But still, I could read more if I watched less TV. Occasionally I’ll go on a TV “fast” for a week, and I did give up TV for Lent this year. I admit that when I do this I get more done around the house and feel more like I actually have a life of my own instead of just watching people on TV have a “life”. I just have basic TV, not cable or a satellite dish. I don’t mind rotting my mind for free but I won’t pay to have it rotted! =)

  5. Anne says:

    We quit watching TV 12 years ago, just after our first child was born, and we have never regretted it. When we visit relatives, the TV is usually on. Because we don’t watch TV, and are no longer desensitized to the immorality and violence shown on TV, it really comes as a shock to see what is being shown on prime-time now.

  6. Anais says:

    Thanks all for sharing your personal “life enrishing” experiences.

    VALP- the “garage doors” are actually screen doors! Makes it easy to open up the garage for when we have gatherings and events.

    Ginny: sorry haven’t had the experience of growing quinoa (YET!)

    Any other readers out there that can help?

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