Blooming ‘Mexican’ Sunflower

November Already?

So much for our fall deadline for the new PTF site. Just came and went.  I am sure you are just as frustrated as we are, but the urban homestead has kept us busy and unfortunately the work on the new website had /has been put aside.; however, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. The updated deadline is a starting off the new year with a brand new website!  

Fall plantings are in full swing and other projects. There’s so much goings on behind the scenes I can’t even try to write about it all. So we do have good excuses. But excuses aside we still are coming up with new improvements and features to the PTF site.    If we can pull this project off by the new year it will be a miracle and well worth the wait… I promise some of the projects that we hope to undertake this fall

depave – remove by hand the last remnant (near the garage and animal enclosure) of the monstrous 35′ x35′ concrete slab that once covered most of the backyard.

build a new goat housecover part of the animal enclosure for winter rains (praying for lots of it)rainwater hog installationgrowing the future

plan/map out PTF’s future for 2008

put in a greenhouse to improve food production in winter

build an edible arbor over drivewayput back passive cooling trellises along house

make good cellar space (pantry, storage, growing mushrooms –again)

move bees to a more permanent place in the garden

In the meantime, I hope you continue to enjoy the journal postings. Happy fall to all.

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  1. Florence says:

    I have Mexican sunflowers blooming in my back yard too; they are so pretty and the Gulf Fritallary butterflies are all over the blooms. Sometimes there are 15-20 butterflies on the blooms.

  2. Melissa says:

    beautiful photo!! you post many artful images, and this is one of the orange sunflower is particularly striking. it’s quite an encouragement to plant some seeds!