Jordanne lookin cute with her apron answers animal questions

Volunteers and Freedom Gardeners field gardening questions from the fair goers

Later in the day Farmer D & J come in to check in and chat with the volunteers

I just love this statement – “WILL WORK FOR FOOD SECURITY” because this lifestyle is one that’s in need of a few passionate, committed people who are willing to get there hands dirty. Oh and not to forget the very, very important “S” word – sacrifice.  Working tirelessly today for a better future tomorrow….

On Saturday and Sunday we were tabling at Pasadena Convention Center host to the New World Fair which focused it’s efforts more on green living this year.

Thank you to those who came out to meet us – with questions in hand!  That’s what we were there for to make ourselves available for all those burning questions you have.

Also, it was nice to see that many had come from our mailing list.  One surprise was to reconnect with a gentleman who helped us build our earthen oven many years ago!  So nice to see old faces and meet new and long time readers.

On Saturday, about 25 people turned out to watch our in home production of Homegrown Revolution and afterwards Farmer D fielded a few questions.

A funny situation happened to Jordanne as she was walking the aisle of the fair – one lady wanted to buy her apron off her right then and there.  The lady is a chef who works with celebrities and said wanted this particular apron for Pamela Anderson to wear on the next TV episode.  What a interesting proposition!

Oh, in case you are wondering – Jordanne still has her handmade apron.

Anyhow, a special thank you to the volunteers (Sherilyn, Scott, Kelly, Janice and Struan) who came out over the two days to lend a hand.  We truly appreciate your involvement and enthusiasm – it was fun hanging out.

An email that we received this morning is one of the reasons why we gave up a weekend (of fun and leisure with a few friends) to make an impact and bring inspiration in other people lives.

Hi Jordanne!

Thanks again for spending so much time with me and my husband Ruby at the new world festival today.  I loved hearing about your family history and genetic talent for gardening (!) and we appreciated you sharing your family’s journey with us too.  Don’t let any of those nay-sayers get you guys down; protect your family’s interests and keep doing your wonderful work!

I just signed up for the weekly produce list and look forward to trying some duck eggs too!

Thanks again,


  1. CLong says:

    REALLY enjoy the journal! Your family is amazing. Keep up the good work!

  2. Alida says:

    You are an inspiration. We are re-landscaping the front yard of our 6.5 acres. We just added tomato, brocolli , cantelope. We will be planting corn rows , lettuce rows ( 15ft) and cucumbers rows in the front yard. ( 15ft). You inspired us. We are also adding herbs like parsley , basil into the yard. You inspired me and my 6 year old daughter.

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